A Mother and Her Mission – Mark 7:24-30

Pastor Brian K. Brown, St. Mark M.B. Church

Mothers’ day should be motivation for all to remember what mothers have suffered for their children and all they’ve done for their children.  The question asked by Pastor Brown from the text was ‘What might we remember about a mother and her mission?

The first point from verse 25 – She fights for her family.  From the text we see that a woman had a daughter with an unclean spirit. When the evil spirit came over her daughter, her mother didn’t settle and accept that this was business as usual but had a heart that said she would fight for her family.  Mothers should be celebrated because they will fight for their family are not willing to let their family go down the drain.  They because they want better for their families.  As mothers, the mission is always to place the family in its proper place, to not allow situations to cause the family to diminish or fall.  When trouble comes, it’s not a time to go to corners and cry or fell sorry but step up, speak up and say I’m willing to fight for my family.

The second point from verse 26 – She fought with her faith.  In verse 25 the women heard of Jesus and in verse 26 she came to him and asked him to cast out the devil from her daughter.  She realized that some things will not be better until we have faith in the God who makes it better.  Some things will not be healed until we take them to the healer.  Some things will not be fixed until we take them to the ultimate fixer, Jesus, and allow him to fix them.  She believed God had the power to do all but fail and therefore sought the Lord.

The final point from verse 27 – She fought against her frustration.  She went to see Jesus so that he might do something, but Jesus didn’t do what she thought he would do.  She was expecting an immediate answer to her anxious moments, but Jesus said he wouldn’t be bothered until first the children of Israel would be taken care of and then with whatever was left, he’d see about taking care of her.  It can be frustrating place to have God’s attention and he doesn’t do what you expect him to do.  We see her fighting against her frustrating.  She didn’t stop going forward after Jesus’ response to her.  She didn’t give up.  She fought against her frustrations by asking Jesus not for the whole loaf but a crumb.  Sometimes what we ask of God is not what we need.  Sometimes we need less than what we think we need.  Jesus didn’t tell her no instead redirected her because what she requested was not permitted but did give her was more than enough.  Many of us ask God for more than we need, God may give us just a seed that will meet our needs, but we must be willing to trust God in the midst of our frustration.

The woman in the text had in her mind what she would ask of Jesus but didn’t factor in that he would deny her request.  When she looked at things from Jesus’ perspective, she realized she didn’t needed the whole loaf and all she needed was a few crumbs.  Jesus did give her what she requested and in doing so said to her ‘for this saying go thy way; the devil is gone out of thy daughter’.  She had come looking for one way but left going Jesus’ way.  We should remember that God’s way is always better than our way.  God’s way is always pure, perfect, powerful, and purposeful.

We celebrate mothers for their fight, for fighting with faith and fighting against frustration. Please join our live stream service on YouTube @ St Mark MBC each Sunday @ 10:20 and bible study on Wednesdays @ 7:00 p.m.    May God continue to bless and keep you.

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