A new sound in ministry

ST. PETERSBURG — The St. Petersburg Community Choir was formed on Aug. 26, 2019, under Bishop Al Baldwin, Jr and Elect Lady Tashumbi Baldwin’s leadership.

With an inspired vision from the Lord, Bishop Baldwin organized The New St. Petersburg Community Choir under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

His vision was not just to organize a choir that will sing on everyone’s program or event, but a choir that will take ministry to another level.

After carefully praying and seeking God, the call to organize The New St. Petersburg Community Choir went forth.  The choir is currently organized of several anointed voices from various churches throughout the community.

The New St. Petersburg Community Choir’s foundation is built on the principals of ministry.  The choir can always be found ministering at funerals, Sunday Services, revivals, and many community events throughout the Tampa Bay area.

The choir’s focus isn’t about how well they can sing or how well they can perform, but it’s about kingdom building, the souls they can introduce to Christ, and how many hearts can be touched through their true ministry.

Through their relentless passion for serving and making a difference in ministry and the hearts of God’s people, they were blessed with the opportunity to record their first CD single entitled “Traveling Shoes.”

What takes many recording artists several years to do, God blessed the choir within the first year of being established.

The advertisement about the Sept. 11 release on Facebook and other social media outlets crossed the eyes of several gospel radio station personalities, promoters, and record companies throughout the United States.

Ways to purchase:

  • Any member of The New St. Petersburg Community Choir
  • Available on I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play, etc.

The New St. Petersburg Community Choir is truly grateful for the ministry assignment that the Lord has entrusted into their hands.

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