All white dance birthday party


PINELLAS PARK — Local entertainment promoter David Larry threw a 29th birthday party for his daughter Mychelle Talbert at the Pinellas Park Auditorium, 7690 59th St. N, this past weekend.

“My son, Devon Curry, and daughter came to me about the idea because she wanted to have an all-white event,” said Larry.

He has been putting on large events for more than 10 years, and has produced shows featuring Frank Beverly and Maze, Charlie Wilson, Keith Sweat, Jaheim, and Jagged Edge. However, he had to get out the business for a while due to illness.

“After a while, I started doing this again just on a smaller scale,” said Larry.

Does he miss all the glitz and glam of promoting superstars? You’d never know judging by the great time he had hosting his daughter’s all-white birthday bash.

Many familiar faces showed up to Talbert’s party, can you pick out anyone you recognize?

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