Annie’s Beauty Supply celebrates a year on the Deuces


ST. PETERSBURG –Annie Tyrell is a superwoman. She is a professional nurse who doubles as a beauty consultant for women of color. Four years ago she realized the need for beauty products that catered to the needs of black women and decided to open Annie’s Beauty Supplies on 34th Street South.

Three years later, Gallerie 909 owner Carla Bristol told her about a spot opening up on the historic 22nd Street Corridor, and last Sunday she celebrated with the community one year on the Deuces.

“Every month sales are getting better and better,” said Tyrell, who began laying the foundation for her business back in 2012.

“I went through Bob Proctor’s training as I was trying to determine my [business] purpose here,” said Tyrell.

The Bob Proctor training centers around changing one’s way of doing and thinking from mundane daily routines to fresh innovative approaches. This concept taught Tyrell to have constantly evolving and innovative ideas instead of getting locked into a routine.

These techniques have helped her to continually grow and strategize for success. She was originally considering a bridal boutique until she realized black people spend millions on beauty supplies every year.

Annie's Beauty Supply, featuredTyrell said she soon discovered the local beauty supply industry was dominated by Asians who were not exactly open to sharing their secrets of success with her.

“Well if they can do it, I can do it too,” said Tyrell.

In reality, Tyrell is not just doing it she’s killing it! Her methodic, fluid business acumen has resulted in international recognition.

“Now we’re listed in the top 50 beauty supply store owners in the world,” said Tyrell.

She shared her goals for 2017 and beyond to ride the waves of the future and adjust accordingly without stagnation.

“We are planning on opening a salon next door offering a braider, a stylist and nail technician with a makeup artist,” she said. We’re planning on getting our e-commerce site up and running as well.”

Several business associates were on hand to celebrate her first year of success on the Deuces. Moore Eventful, LLC decorated Tyrell’s future beauty salon in gold and purple. A picture area for all visitors featured sparkling gold curtains, purple trim and arched letters that read “Happy Anniversary.”

The best idea in the world will wither and die if it does not have the financial backing to promote growth. Barbara Bain of Bains Financial LLC and Carolyn Riggins of TD Bank were also on hand to celebrate Tyrell’s success and to introduce their services to prospective clients shopping for financing. Bains Financial LCC can be reached at (727) 225-5405 and TD Bank can be contacted at (727) 637-6846.

For more information about Annie’s Beauty Supply and Services, Tyrell can be reached at (727) 420-1843 or (727) 343-9582.

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