Breaking the Cycle

Praise the Lord saints.


I had to post this this week.

I have been here for more than 30 years and have been one of the most active activists from 2013 till 2019 after my baby boy graduated college from UCF.

I believe God has decided that it’s time for me to find new battles for folks that will appreciate my efforts. Because truth be told, if there had been a more concerted effort for change, positive, permanent change, south St. Pete wouldn’t be in the position it’s in now.

Time and time again, I tried to help support and give advice that would have made significant differences, and so many times, I was looked at like “well you’re not from here,” and well, I won’t say the many other reasons I know y’all didn’t listen.

So, here we are again, significant decisions are approaching, elections, questions as to what would be the best approach.

It saddens me somewhat because I have befriended many of you, and I will always treasure our relationships, but I can’t help those that feel they have all the answers.  The funny thing is, if you had all the answers, then why aren’t they being implemented and used today.

Anyway, I had to post replies from a candidate running for the only “black” or African American position on the Pinellas County School Board, after I baited him to reply to my Facebook post.

And like clockwork or like a rodent baited with peanut butter and cheese, he bit.

“I added this to my timeline, so my comment could be read by the 3K plus followers I’m linked to. So, for over a decade, he was holding a position designated for a black, African American and what did he do to show for it.

Well, just ask him to post it. Or ask any of your then “leaders.” Go ahead, I’ll wait. Actually, I won’t because I know the answer is blank, crickets.

Did you hear anything from any of them when the L5 neighborhood schools were the worst in the entire state? So now he wants to steal another black African American position. I’m going to reserve comments about that position, but unfortunately, he will probably win, and well, no, I won’t say. I will, however, in my article.”

His reply.

Karl Nurse: Ken Welch and I launched the CRA which ensures 30 years of increasing funding for south St. Pete. I led the effort to turn around Citrus Grove. I worked with 4 non-profits to rehab and/or build over 80 homes in the CRA for affordable housing. I could dozens of problems in the district fixed ranging from a lack of sidewalks from Jordan Park to Melrose, to street flooding in parts of Bartlett Park.  I got more additional park improvements in District 6 than anywhere else in the city including: outdoor weight lifting equipment, shade structures at the ball fields, additional tennis courts at Bartlett Park.  A skate park at Campbell Park. I led the effort to launch “Bank on St Pete” in 2008-10 where over 1,000 people got bank accounts. I led the effort to fund foreclosure prevention in the recession. I got an ordinance passed that eventually required the banks to maintain the exterior of the properties that they own. I got the first and second version of an apprenticeship ordinance passed to require city contractors to provide opportunities for those with a record and for apprentices.”

The statement he used in another media piece pi$$ed me off: “I would hope that they would make an effort to judge me by the content of my character not the color of my skin,” Nurse said. “If we can improve schools, we can grow the middle class. To me that is the fundamental challenge to our community and that’s what I’ll work on.”

Now, I am not going to continue to get into a fight that you guys obviously should get in. This time you have a chance to get in on the bottom rung and blast these comment out the water as I know I could but this is no longer my fight, but as a TRUE Man of God, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ REQUIRES that I lend aid and support whenever I can.

He just spits in your faces by attempting to use one of our GREATEST LEADERS WORDS, and that kind of pi$$ed me off. I take this as a DIRECT INSULT and attempt to question our intelligence.

I would HIGHLY suggest contacting Wengay Newton if he is available for comment as he served during the time Nurse was on the city council and knows the truth about this guy’s true work. I guess his failed feeble attempt to suggest reverse racism, like there is such a thing, is what he is leaning towards. smh.

All this occurred last week before the murder of another brother. Now it’s even more important that y’all get it together and galvanize your forces and efforts to combat this and many other obstacles that are coming down the road.

I will end with this. I have been insulted by someone that we considered a dear friend by returning the blessing we offered in support of their efforts. I won’t say who or what they are doing, but they will know if they read this.

I will only say this: when a TRUE MAN OF GOD blesses you, and you throw it back at them, it’s a direct insult not only to them but to God Himself as it was God that blessed us to be blessings to others.

I was going to reject the returned blessing, but God had me to understand that if I did, I would be no better than them.

I recently became a bishop and will use it to get part of my new vestment requirements.


Till next week,


Bishop Dr. Robert L. Harrison, Ph.D., DD

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