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Praise the Lord Saints.

Back when I was in the Marines we had a saying and for the sake of some that may be reading I will clean it up a bit: “Don’t urinate on my boot then tell me it’s raining.”

Eventually, I’m going to go outside or check the weather report and see there ain’t a cloud in the sky.

The time has come for those that think they are so much more superior, intelligent or just plain smarter than the average bear to just stop it.

I say stop it cause I’m really fighting the “Marine” in me to not say what I truly want to, but I know Lyn wouldn’t print it and it’s not the godly thing to do so I have to think about what I want to say in a way that you become informed and it not lose its impact.

I’m just so sick of those “status hounds” telling us it’s raining outside when they know for themselves that not only is it not raining, but they are banking on us not to do the research and check for ourselves.  Hallelujah for social media.

Thank God for papers like Tampa Bay Times to give it to us straight, no chaser.

It’s amazing to me how when the Times exposes the truth how some will attempt to insult our intelligence and try to discredit what the largest newspaper in the state of Florida prints as though they don’t research what they print.

One thing the Lord had me to not do was call folks names out when I write these articles but to expose their deeds.

Well, all one would have to do is follow social media or the two political races and it would become apparent. I know it seems that I am rambling, but again hop onto Facebook and click on the various candidates running and their major supporters, which seem to be well-known folks in our area, and you will get an ear and eye full.

It would be like we are raging civil war against ourselves all for individuals who could care less about what we want or truly believe in. Politicians lie, always have and always will.

When a particular sector of folks have become insignificant to them as it relates to the polls, not position, not support, but polls,  you can best believe when the smoke clears, you will start to see all the promises go puff into thin air.

Young folks have a saying now: “you mad or nah.” But by then, they got what they wanted and all you can do is whine, bicker and complain just as you did the previous months and years leading up to election season.

The one major issue I have is this: I have run into a whole big bunch of “democrats” that are unwavering and steadfast. They don’t care what their candidate says or does, well except for the lies, I mean.  The kicker is that these “democrats” are also boasting to be Christians, not all of them but most of them.

Therein lays the dilemma.  To be a Christian, one must be “Christ-like” in word and deed.

The saying is you are to never mix religion with politics and anyone with a pulse knows that has always been bull crap! One of the very reasons I believe we, as black folks have been continually stuck in the mess, is because we decide to not get involved and let those that we see in the media be our spokespersons. We lend our trust to them to steer us in the right direction.

Laughable when we see the state of all of our economic and social conditions over the past umpteen years. You would think we would have learned our lesson by now.

I taught a lesson and wrote an article some time ago called “The 3 Strikes of Aaron” in which I detailed all three incidents in that Aaron had an opportunity to do the righteous thing, notice I didn’t say “right.”

The term “right” is ambiguous in nature and lends itself to one’s own interpretation, and the immediate or current situation or circumstances influence the outcome. However, when it comes to the things of God, there is no ambiguity, no wiggle room and no gray areas. It’s either yes or no according to His Word.

“Super saints” today are similar to Aaron, Moses, Solomon, David, Abraham and King Saul; for example, assume they had special permission from God to alter His commandments or Word without recompense.

Well, these individuals know the outcome of each of these great spiritual leaders and I fear it’s going to come around again unless they start to override their political affiliation and replace it with their spiritual one.  Notice I said spiritual, not religious.

No, this is not my opinion or personal feelings, research the outcome of each of those aforementioned.

My time and space are up this week but not my message. Stay tuned next week.

Till next week,

God Bless.

Rev. Dr. Robert L. Harrison, PhD

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