Breaking the Cycle: Cultural Ignorance

Praise the Lord Saints.

This week we will talk about what I believe is one of the biggest ploys used by Satan and his demons to keep us in this state of degeneration.

As I look at the local papers and the local news, it’s no wonder things are as they are today and there appears to be no concrete positive resolution in sight.

Satan has masterfully, through the art of deception and deflection, drawn our attention away from the “at home,” “in your backyard” issues that has plagued our people for centuries, and had us to look at global issues.  Issues that we have no say so on other than our own skewed opinions based solely on what we are told and not factual evidence they can substantiate.  It’s called the “sleight of hand” approach and if you are not careful, you will continue to be misled into believing the lie.

Although these global issues are sad and devastating in nature, they are rarely occurring events.  The issues we have far and away exceed these and carry far more destructive force and have been for some time.

Simply go back to last year or five or 10 years ago, and we will find neighborhood devastation in the form of justifiable police shootings, police themselves being killed by youths, riots, etc.  We have a laundry list and that’s just speaking to the police violence issues.

What we are failing to realize is that it’s all connected.

In the coming months, I will be partnering with Pastor Martin Rainey as we attempt to draw the line in the sand and end this strangle hold that has divided our neighborhoods.  He established and created these listening forums that will have the three major components needed to bring our communities back into harmony and unity: the church, parents, and the school board.

Like it or not, agree or not, the church has to be the foundational nucleus that will combine the other two components in order to achieve the overall success we desire and need.  It’s the only one of the three that contains all the answers and solutions to the complex web of deception that Satan has spun.

It must be in the order I placed it as well.  Parents must then take on the responsibilities given to them by God to train, raise, chastise, discipline, protect, guide, lead, love and nurture their kids.

They, the parents, learn these fundamental principles and traits from one place, the church.

If your church is not teaching these foundational principles, either bring it to the pastor’s attention that you need and want these added to the bible study or Sunday School or find one that is.  It’s not that hard to locate one, just look to the church’s youth program and gauge it from there.  Be mindful also that there should be more instruction and teaching than just programs.  There is nothing wrong with the variety of programs in youth departments today, but you have to instill principles in our kids first and then programs will be the icing on the cake and a privilege earned from their actions and conduct outside the church environment.

I’m excited and looking forward to these forums because I feel they can bring about the paradigm shift this neighborhood, community and city have longed for but never could obtain.

We also have the Seven x 7 Tent Revivals coming up as well on Sept. 15-20.

I will be participating along with another Apostolic preacher new to the group and let me tell you this, I’m not about all the hooping, jumping and dancing going on in most churches today.  I’m considered a flat-footed, old school preacher.  You ain’t gone need a neck brace after watching me move back and forth in the pulpit.

God gave me the delivery gift of empowerment and teaching you the Word of God.  I look for the saints to be scrambling for their highlighter, pen, or whatever because I said something that you have never heard explained that way even though you have read and heard that scripture hundreds of times before but never in that manner.

We ask for your support and attendance in these upcoming events and pray the blessings of God over all that do or those that wanted to but could not.

Finally, if you have been attempting to go to my website, I apologize as I haven’t had the time to publish it but will be doing so this week.  And if you missed any of my articles, I will be posting the link to each of them on the site.  Those that have been reading know I tend to build upon the previous week. For now, you can go to and click the tab “More” and look for “Breaking the Cycle.”

Till next week,

God Bless.

Dr. Rob

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