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Business Spotlight: Closer To Our Dreams, LLC

Closer To Our Dream founders, Dovév Weaver Sr. (right) and Elliot Martin (left), are devoted to providing educational and inspirational content to help people chase and achieve their goals and dreams.


Owner: Dovév Weaver Sr.

Years in Business: 2

Location: St. Petersburg

On Green Book:

Closer To Our Dream’s (CTOD) founder, Dovév Weaver Sr. said the business is “devoted to providing educational and inspirational content to help people chase and achieve their goals and dreams.”

Weaver’s organization helps people bring their visions closer to fruition by hosting workshops, producing educational content for YouTube, and creating materials and merchandise.

“While working for Nike over 15 years ago, my cousin (Elliot Martin) and I talked about creating something special to help people that needed motivation and inspiration,” Weaver shared. “We had no idea what it would look like, but we knew that if we created something that allowed people to believe in their dreams and give them the tools they needed to be successful, we would be making a difference in the world.”

Weaver said that after writing his first book, “Chasing Your Dreams: Bound for Success, he felt the time was right to start formulating the company.

In 2019, the cousins registered the CTOD in Florida and launched their first location in St. Pete’s Rising Tide Innovation Center. The second location was added to host trainings.

“I am excited to continue creating content that will help people reach their fullest potential in life,” he said.

Weaver relayed that he believes all a person needs to be successful in their goals is three things: knowing what their ultimate dream is, a clear game plan to get there, and massive action to make the dream come true.

“The beautiful thing about his company, he added, “is that CTOD helps people do all three.”

CTOD also supports people from the beginning to the end of their dream-building process. Weaver added that to achieve their goals fully, they needed the correct mindset.

“One of my favorite sayings is: ‘once the mind expands, it cannot go back to its old state,’” he acknowledged.

“Whether you attend one of our workshops, purchase my book or our training materials, or consume our content on YouTube (Closer To Our Dreams TV), I guarantee you will not be able to go back to thinking the way you were before engaging with our content,” Weaver affirmed.

To learn more about CTOD, follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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