Changes are happening this month at WRXB

ST. PETERSBURG — WRXB’s corporate office in Chicago has purchased a 5000-watt AM transmitter to replace the one previously destroyed by a lightning strike. We have been operating with a lower powered back-up transmitter since.

In addition, WRXB will soon be heard not only at 1590 on AM but also on FM at 96.5. We will continue to play all your favorite inspirational music along with news, weather, sports, topical shows, our weekend church programs plus much more.

Just wait until you hear how great the music sounds on FM.

Our recently purchased on-air telephone system has been installed by our engineers and now your phone calls and conversations with our guests are clearly heard on the air. However, our targeted date for early July to have the new transmitters installed and running will need to be pushed back a little, hopefully to be completed by the end of July or early August.

WRXB has served the community since 1959; unfortunately, it appears we were still using much of the same wiring from that era. There is a massive amount of electrical rewiring needed at the transmitter site to complete this project so that we won’t suffer in the future the same lightning problems that caused the previous damage.

We have received all the FM equipment and it will be hoisted over 400 feet high by the tower company shortly. The AM equipment has also arrived and the new transmitter is being tuned to 1590; when completed it will be shipped to our location from out of state.

Thank you to our sponsors who have continued to support us through these tough times. The end of this unfortunate situation is near.

Ed Edwards
General Manager, WRXB

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