School’s back!


School’s back in for the many students in Pinellas County Schools. It seems like just yesterday that parents were rushing around to find the perfect summer camp. That adrenalin has been replaced with shopping for school uniforms, backpacks, pencils, pens and paper for the upcoming school year.  Interestingly enough, many students aren’t bothered much about the first day of school. They actually seemed rather cool, calm and collected.

How have a few students in the community handled the first day of school?  Here are their thoughts.

Chelsea NewtonChelsea Newton:

“Good! We have a lot more kids than last year, but I still found my classes. I have three Advance Placement classes and the rest are Honors. School’s good!”

Adeyla GuessAdeyla Guess:

“Awesome! I met new friends in my class and we started learning things.”

Imani RuizImani Ruiz:

“School was good. My classes are nice and I’m excited about the year.”

Sonya CaseySonya Casey:

“It was ok I guess. It was just an average day.”

Rashed GuessRashed Guess:

“It was ok. I learned about a few important things, and I met new friends.”

Jazmyn GaleJazmyn Gale:

“It was an easy day. Just regular. I’m used to it.”

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