Civil Rights and misplaced aggressions


Finally, no more political campaigning. The mid-term elections are over. The people, politicians, pollsters   and the protestors have learned the results of who won what.

No longer will they have to contemplate or debate how they perceived their being elected would affect our civil rights. I’m convinced those who were     the loudest in making their claim did not cast their vote or truly understood the real difference between government rights’ and ‘civil rights. In other words, their aggressions are still being misplaced.

All authority of every level of government is granted by its citizens (city, county, state and federal) to serve as the guardian that protects everyone in society to live their life as an individual to the fullest according to their hearts desires based on their ability to exercise and use their reason and it does not violate others in any way as a rational being.

In return, all society will flourish to the degree that the government protects the individual’s personal liberty established by the 12th and 14th Amendments to the U. S. Constitution. This way society will flourish to the degree that individual rights are protected and we are free to be.

On the other side of that coin civil rights covers a broad range of privileges that guarantees fundamental freedoms. A few include the rights of free expression, civil actions and the right to participate in the democratic political system as an individual.

No group therapy is need. Wees all don’t think alike nor do wees all accept someone else definition of who wees be. OK! Nevertheless, whenever two or more political opposing concepts exists about what is “right” for the general public everyone principles must co-exist equally and in a respectful manner. Being in disagreement of another’s point of view does not give anyone the civilized option to become offended, bratty and spewing out political temper tantrums to get their way.

Therein lies the problem because everyone wants to win because they think they’re right in their own eyes [Proverbs 21:2] Not realizing that everyone in the world desires the same three things: peace, joy and being right. [Romans 14:17]

Therefore, what is right must be the plumb line in which we measure the value of our vote by supporting who we grant authority to as our guardian. [Isaiah 28:17-2 Kings 21”13] Otherwise our standards will cause us to want to win for winning sake; therefore, some misplaces their aggressions against anyone they can’t intimate.

Are you angry with God because some people are taking advantage of Abraham’s covenant and you are not? God guarantees to His seed that obey His voice may become so rich that people will be afraid of them [Deuteronomy 28:1-14]. Poverty is a curse! God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His people. So, why aren’t you seeking God’s promises for yourself instead? [2 Peter 1:4]  Do you despise the skin color of a person rather than judge them by their character? Evil is no respecter of persons. There are blonde blue-eye devils and there are some nappy-headed brown and black eye devils also.

The questions still remain, but do we get it yet? God said if His people who are called by His name shall humble ourselves and pray and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways. Then will we hear from heaven and He will heal our land. [2 Chronicles 7:14]. God is not human, He cannot lie! [Numbers 23:19]

So stop misplacing your aggressions. Stop smiling in each other faces while speaking “Christianize” saying, “God bless” while being passive aggressive. God sees and knows all about your dirty deceitful little deeds and whose table you’re eating from.

Educate yourself and know God. You will have a greater appreciation that the government regardless of who won what is on God’s shoulders. [Isaiah 9:6,7]

Vote to pray for your neighborhood and nations as God’s Kingdom have no end to the increase of His government or of peace, joy and righteousness. He will establish and uphold it with justice and righteousness from now and forever more. The zeal of the LORD of host will accomplish this. Jesus is not a Democrat, Republican nor an Independent – He’s just LORD of Lords and King of kings. Receive Him and then decide if you are registered with the “right” political party!

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