Co-Creators with God

Read – Genesis 1:1-31

Scripture: “Through faith we understand that the heavens and the earth were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear (Hebrews 11:3).”

Denial : “No one else can create my experiences.”

Affirmation: “I AM co-creating with God the life that I desire and deserve.”

After creating the heavens and the earth in mind, God began to speak those things that God saw in the “mind’s eye” into existence. God did not just aimlessly speak those creative words, “Let there be…” but God believed with full assurance in the words that God was speaking (Genesis 1:3). God demonstrated faith when God spoke the words, “Let there be light.” God knew that the mental concept of light was going to become a reality. God trusted the light to move from the invisible place of mind to the physical plane of the earth.

Just as God framed the heavens and the earth through words, God has given us the power to create our lives. We are creating our individual lives through the thoughts that we think, the words that we speak, and the actions that we do. Our lives consist of our relationships with everyone and everything that are directly connected to us. The words that we speak about our family and friends, our co-workers and classmates, our supervisors and teachers, our spiritual leaders and church members, and our neighbors and community members create our experience with them. Our lives also consist of anyone and anything that impacts us, directly or indirectly. The words that we speak about our cities, states, countries, continents, and cultures shape our life experiences.

We must call the lives that we desire from the spiritual realm into the physical realm, from the heavenly realm into the earthly realm, from the invisible realm into the visible realm, from the intangible realm to the tangible realm, from the supernatural realm to the natural realm. Daily we must speak positive words of affirmation over our lives until it completely manifest all that we see in our minds. We must believe in the God-given authority of our words so that we can co-create the lives that we desire and the lives that we deserve.

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