Does love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage?


It depends on how you want to use your horse and how you want to use your carriage. If you desire to travel in your carriage, you can’t go anywhere until you hitch your carriage up to the power of a horse, mule, sled dog or something that have the strength to pull you and your carriage forward to get you to your destination. The other option is leave the carriage alone; hop on the horse and ride Sallie ride!

Of course, this is a parody. Irrespective of our status, race or economics, everyone recognizes it is love that shapes what is good, righteousness and true, and desire to love and values being loved.

The bible clearly teaches us God endowed humans to express three kinds of love. “Philos” love which allows us to love others like our brother or sister simply because He created them. Also, I believe you’ll agree, it’ll take more than this kind of love for you to get hitched.

“Eros” love actually means desire and longing for gratification of your sexual passion that’s driven by selfish motives and can function independent of God. Unless it’s redeemed by the Lord’s presence, it becomes sheer lust and can end up being possessive and even abusive since it always seeks to first conquer and then control.

Physical attraction between a man and a woman was never intended to be selfish.

Therefore, we are given the privilege of inviting God’s Holy Spirit to abide within us as a living testament that we abide in Him. Then willingly allow His presence to be dispersed through us. This “Agape” love seals the other two levels of love. Jesus revealed His divine love for our Father God in heaven and all humanity through obedience. God empowers believers to manifest His Agape love towards everyone whether they are saved or not.

Loving should never be determined by our feelings. It’s more of a set of behaviors that causes us to be. You don’t have to actually feel it for you to give it. It can be shown through you without feeling anything at all [Galatians 5:22].

Nouns are people, places or a thing. Bed is a noun. Marriage is not a noun. It can be a verb when describing a “state of being” or a pronoun when describing types of nouns or another pronoun i.e. ceremony or wedding. These are pronouns. Married isn’t something you get. It’s something you are. You don’t get married – you become married because God cut a blood covenant with the man and his wife not as a license nor as a wedding, but as a Holy Matrimony. Matrimony is a noun. Matrimony is the state of being joined together as a man and wife. It’s holy because God is holy. He alone can sanctify it because He ordained it.

God performed His first miracle among people who had completed the three “Cs” of their Holy Matrimony. Signing the “ketubbah” Covenant, displaying the “chuppah” sexual Consummation cloth confirming their virginity and the Celebration (marriage feast) held at the groom’s home he prepared for his bride [Matthew 22].

Today, God’s Holy Matrimony is experienced when the husband and his wife abide in Christ and Christ abides in them. Then the reality of God’s covenant becomes an impartation for your state of being. God’s presence in their midst is the hitch needed for smooth traveling on life’s rough roads. Paul emphasizes this truth “that husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. No one ever hated his own flesh but nourishes and cherishes it. Therefore, let each of you love his own wife even as himself.” [Ephesians 5] God’s Holy Matrimony cannot be re-designed nor sanctioned by no one. Jesus Christ sealed it with His blood.

We must understand God said from the beginning a husband and wife are one. God commanded that for this cause a man shall leave his father and mother and unite with his wife as the two shall become one flesh [Genesis 2:24] God created sex, encouraged the husband and wife to enjoy a lot of it upon their marriage bed because this is what makes the marriage bed holy. Oh God! Sexual culmination is the ultimate form of worship. So the husband needs his wife and the wife needs her husband. The unity between husband and wife is more profound than the unity that exists among all Christians, as they are one.

If you want to travel forward in the life God has already predestined for you. You’ll need to hitch your carriage to the right power. Hitch your vows and bed to the Holy covenant God created.

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