Eric Deggans receives Toastmasters Communication and Leadership Achievement Award

Eric Deggans and Emily Drenberg

TAMPAEric Deggans, television critic at NPR and St. Pete resident, was honored by Toastmasters District 48 for his achievements in the field of communications.  The event was held on Saturday, April 27 at the Toastmasters District 48 2019 Conference at the Tampa Airport Marriott.

“In today’s media-saturated environment, effective communication and understanding of how connection works is more important than ever,” said Deggans. “We are a generation that has more tools to communicate at our fingertips than any other in history.  The ease with which we can reach into each other’s lives or connect to people we have never known, half a world away, would astonish our ancestors, which is why learning how to utilize those tools most effectively, accurately and truthfully must be one of our most important goals as a civilization.”

Deggans communication achievements include being a media analyst for MSNBC/NBC News and the  author of “Race-Baiter: How the Media Wields Dangerous Words to Divide a Nation.”

“Eric Deggans is a significant contributor to improving communications. I also see Mr. Deggans as a leader committed to keeping the conversation about race open and ongoing. He is the perfect candidate for the 2019 Communication and Leadership Award from District 48 – Southwest Florida,” said Emily Drenberg, 2018-19 district director.

The Toastmasters’ Communication and Leadership Achievement Award is for a non-Toastmasters member, someone outside a Toastmasters club, either in the community or an organization—a distinguished individual in the fields of communication or leadership.

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