For Zetas, love conquers all


ST. PETERSBURG —The month of December continues to be a special time for the members of the St. Petersburg chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.  The Annual Scholarship Breakfast and Fashion Show was the perfect activity to start the winter celebrations.

With the theme “Love Conquers All,” the event was much like a family reunion. The breakfast and fashion show attendees greeted their friends, made new acquaintances, exchanged interesting tidbits of recent news, savored a delicious meal and sat back to enjoy the variety of styles and colors worn by the models.

Guests were welcomed by chapter President Daphne Lampley, and Catriona Freeman introduced special guests, which included representatives of other Greek and civic organizations and community officials.  Words of inspiration and grace were given by the Chaplain Patricia Stewart, and soloist Andrea Foster-Mixon gave a moving rendition of “O Holy Night.”

Cory Givens, Jr., a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, served as the Master of Ceremony and fashion show commentator.  Professionally, Givens is employed as a title specialist; however, he is better known for his work within the church and within the community.

To get the audience prepared for the fashion show, Givens talked briefly about the types of love that would be represented as the models walked the runway.

Friends and sorority sisters, Joslin Stafford and Sylvia Umar, represented Phileo, which refers to friendships. Naturally they were both dressed in the sorority’s colors, royal blue and white, in casual as well as dressy outfits.

Devon McCullough and his daughter Camyrn represented Storge, the kind of love that is seen between siblings, cousins, parents and children.

Eros, which is experienced by married couples, was represented by husband and wife duos Ernesto and Cheryl Smith and LaShante and Zenita Keys.

Minister Ulas Butler and wife LaDonna represented Agape love, which puts the welfare of others above one’s own.

The St. Petersburg chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated appreciates all who attended the breakfast, made donations or just encouraged the organization in its endeavors. Proceeds from the breakfast will go to the ZEAL Foundation, which provides scholarships and other services to people in our communities.

For more information, contact Emma Cooper Cavin at (727) 867-7857 or (727) 430-4186

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