Haircuts for the homeless before the holidays

Antwan Jennings, Owner of MisTer’z Barber Lounge

Antwan Jennings cuts Stephanie Wynn’s hair.



ST. PETERSBURG — Barbershops and salons are places you go to talk, where you find out what’s going on in your neighborhood and in your community believes Antwan Jennings, St. Pete native and owner of MisTer’z Barber Lounge.

“I want people to feel like they can come in and talk to us freely,” said Jennings. “I want to provide a safe, open place and a new start to those who don’t have the same opportunities as others.”

This Saturday, Nov. 12, Jennings will open his shop to the homeless community between 1-5 p.m. for free haircuts, toiletry bags and a cookout at MisTer’z Barber Lounge located at 6393 Dr. M.L.K Jr. St. N, Suite 106.

Jennings has partnered with friend and fellow local business owner Stephanie Wynn of Wynn & Wynn Business Solutions, LLC.

“If we succeed at this event, everyone succeeds,” explained Wynn. “As business owners we need to work together and give back to the community. It’s not about ‘I,’ it’s about the need to give back to the community. Without a successful community, small businesses cannot do well.”

A second event will take place on Sat., Nov 19 in downtown St. Petersburg at St. Vincent DePaul Center of Hope located at 401 15th St. N, between the hours of 1-5 p.m.

Jennings and Wynn chose the two different locations to reach both the north end and downtown areas of St. Petersburg.

Antwan Jennings, Owner of MisTer’z Barber Lounge

Antwan Jennings, Owner of MisTer’z Barber Lounge

Jennings, who lives in downtown St. Petersburg, sees homelessness in the city on a daily basis, which has fueled his passion to do more than give spare change.

Along with making this an annual event, the next goal for these entrepreneurs is to reach the inner-city culture and provide foster kids with free haircuts around the beginning of the new year, and to build a network of resources for those less fortunate among other local businesses.

“Kids sometimes cannot help their situation, if they could they would do better, they would. We’re trying to give them better,” said Wynn.

Services will be available for both men, women and children for each event.

To make these events successful, toiletry donations are being accepted at MisTer’z Barber Lounge, 6393 Dr. M.L.K Jr. St. N, Suite 106.

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