Happy birthday, Jesus!

Hey! It’s Jesus’ birthday folks and the whole world knows it.  In our wonderful country, it’s a legal national holiday.    The prefix “holi” is not understood by some to mean “holy.” Therefore, they celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a holiday. Others are determined to call it “Christmas” without fully understanding the suffix “mas” means “celebrating Christ”[Emmanuel; one sent from God to dwell among us-Matthew 1:23]. Nevertheless, it is Jesus birthday that we are celebrating – neither yours nor mine. So, come on folks and celebrate. Since it’s his party, I’m sure you’ll agree he’s the one to be honored; not us.

Jesus is our Father God and creator’s gift to everyone whether we’ve been naughty or nice.  He being all wise, do not have to check his list twice. He knows when we are sleeping. He knows when we’re awake [He never sleeps or slumber. He watches over us night and day.  He keeps us safe from harm-Psalm 121:4].

God knows when we’ve been bad or good for goodness sake. Nothing is hidden from Him. He knows the imagination of the intents of the motives in our hearts [1 Chronicles 29:17]. In receiving the embodiment of Jesus as our Father’s gift to us wrapped in his mercy, deliverance from the penalty of our sins, peace that surpasses our understanding, joy that strengthens us beyond words to describe it and made righteous. WOW!  All we have to do is believe and receive him and his finished work on the cross. You better watch out though, because Jesus Christ is coming again to receive us as his very own. To live with him forever.

So how did we, as the Church, get to the point that on this day, Jesus’ birthday, has become very stressful? Regardless of what you call it, adults are fretting over not having enough toys and gifts to give to their children and other loved ones and it’s not even their birthday.  It’s Jesus’ birthday, we are celebrating folks.

Why so many people today expect to have a sense of entitlement. Expecting other people to provide their desired gifts because another child’s birthday?  The Son of God!  Whose birthday are your children being taught to celebrate? It’s not theirs. What are you really seeking for as an adult? Never forget to remember that it’s Jesus’ birthday.

Jesus is a recorded real and historical person. He’s not like the fictitious characters people make up in their minds, such as Superman, Batman and Robin, Cinderella or Captain Spock.  Has the church gotten that weak and confused?  When

the church wakes up, clean up, dress up and grow up, allowing Jesus Christ to grow big within us, we will becomes imbued with power from on high. That is, the fullness of the Holy Spirit of God will dwell within us and we will manifest the mind of Christ that reasons with him according to his precepts what our conclusions in life should be [Colossians 2:9].

We will then uphold the truth in righteousness [Romans 1-8]. Put childish things behind us and become mature [1 Corinthians 13:11]. We will be empowered as the spiritual Body of Jesus Christ; the church triumph in our neighborhood, city, state, nation and the world doing even greater works in the earth than our older brother Jesus accomplished in the three and a half years He walked among us.

Mary’s baby’s birthday is to be celebrated simple because he was given to us as our savior and LORD.  Joseph’s son’s birthday is to be celebrated simple because he matured as the son of man and God the son. Jesus the Christ’s birthday is to be celebrated simple because he counted it all joy to please our Father by freely giving his life as a ransom so we may be reconciled back to the Father.

Jesus is resting at the right hand of our Father. Jesus paid a debt he didn’t owe. We owed a sin debt we could not pay. Jesus wiped all our penalties of our sins away. The best birthday gift you can give Jesus, is yourself.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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