Has your family imploded?


An implosion is when something collapses inwardly. Buildings are sometimes demolished by causing it to collapse inward. Sinkholes swallowing complete buildings often start with shifting sands collapsing inward.

God created families as the foundational structure that guides by designed benchmarks and boundaries for their children to remain healthy as they enter into different stages of maturation. The problem is that some parents never realize that their children learn not so much by what is told to them, but rather by what they witness their parents do.

Even my own father, who was in my estimation far wiser than his times and was my hero, would tell all of us “don’t do as I do, but do as I say do.” Whenever I’d ask him why, he would always respond to me that he was just human and that if he made a bad decision he’d have to suffer for it. He didn’t want us to do as he had done in that particular situation. He constantly reminded us that we should always keep God in our heart and ask Him to help us do the right thing. It was more important to him that we understood he understood what his role as husband and father was within our family. For that I’ll be eternally grateful.

There’s an old African proverb that says: “From one tree stump many branches will sprout. They’re gifted to grow in different sizes, shapes and directions but they all search forth towards the heavens. When you examine their fruit, you’ll know they are all from the same seed and root.”

God gives gifts and talents to families. Within each of the 12 tribes (families) under the Law, everyone was given the same gifts and talent. It’s the same today, the same gifts and talents are threaded within the family i.e. sports, arts, education, polities, business, etc.

Families become communities, cities and nations. However, when underneath the family’s foundation is shifting sands of discord, disobedience and distrust an implosion will occur. The family may be enveloped into a sinkhole of their own makings.

As a Christian, you have been given all power and authority from God to redeem your family with love and intercession. God’s love in you can overflow unto every member of your family regardless of which direction they chose to grow.  You need not be ashamed that your family is dysfunctional. We have a lot of company. The bible is full of families that imploded.

The first family on earth imploded. Adam was over zealous in his office as husband. He redefined his wife naming her woman. In the midst of her confused state of mind about her personal self-worth, she was deceived by Satan. They became the first homeless family in world history. Then like father like son. One of their sons didn’t want to commit to God requirements. He became jealous of this brother for obeying God and killed him.

One of Isaac’s and his wife’s twin boys, Jacob, swindled his own twin brother, Esau, out of his birthright.He deceived his dad with the help of his mother Rebecca. Then ran away to live with his scheming uncle Laban, who tricked him into marrying his daughter Leah. Then offered his other daughter Rachael, the one Jacob wanted in the first place, by requiring him to work overtime for her to become his wife. He did.

A single 14-year-old girl became pregnant. Her finance Joseph defended her honor of being a virgin and stood in defiance against society’s attitude towards her being pregnant without already being married. In obedience to the Lord, Joseph marred Mary with the full understanding that he was not that baby’s daddy. We were given a Savior. Jesus was born that first Christmas morning.

See, your family is not so bad after all. God used them for His glory as He wanted to use you to redeem your family members with love and intercession from the enemy’s camp. Our Father has prepaid the debt we owe for our dysfunctional behavior. He made us righteous. His hands have already provided everything we have need of. His mercy endures forever and is new every morning. Will you chose to be the instrument used by Him in spite of yourself to stop the generational implosions within your family?

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