Hattitude & Fashion Extravaganza Brunch


ST. PETERSBURG – The Pastor’s Aide Ministry of The Rock of Jesus Missionary Baptist Church, under the guidance of Rev. Frank Peterman Jr., threw their third annual Hattitude & Fashion Extravaganza Brunch last Sat., Sept 27.

Linda Brewton, owner and operator of Grand Mode House of Fashions in Clearwater provided the hats for the promenade. She described the meaning behind the Hattitude and Fashion extravaganza best.

“Hattitude says that I take my hat, tip it, bring it back, [or] bring it down, but when I walk out I decide who I am by the hat I put on my head,” she said. “That’s having a hattitude.”

Food was served to those in attendance, everyone enjoying the delicious fare of wraps, fruit and pastries while models sauntered down the catwalk showing off their church fashions, jewelry and of course hats.

Even though the fashions and of course the attitude that went along with it took center stage, Johnson took the time to discuss religion and how it has helped her through difficult times in her life.

“You all know that whatever the Lord will take you through, he takes you through to make you better,” she preached urging those in attendance to not forget there is a purpose for their suffering. “Somehow we forget that.”

Johnson hails from Georgia, but has lived in St. Petersburg long enough to know her way around. A mother of two daughters and a grandmother to boot, Johnson is a retired government worker of 40 plus years.

“She worked longer than a lot of young people dare to work,” said Jura Philpot who introduced her and is a longtime friend.

Johnson loves teaching the word of God and lives a life of obedience to the Lord shunning titles and accolades, instead opting to spread the word of how to get to heaven.

On the second Sunday of each month you can find her on 49th Street speaking to the inmates, letting them know there is hope. When some on the inmates get out, they look her up because they recognize that she is a vessel to which God speaks through.

“When you leave this place today, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, something will be rooted in your spirits,” she Philpot.

Johnson recited the age-old wisdom to be careful what you wish for adding that those things you don’t get are really a blessing in disguise.  Patience was her word of choice. Learning patience and to live by the word of God.

Before the promenade, Brewton reminisced about life years ago.

“A lady never walked out the door without her gloves, her purse, and her hat on her head,” she said recounting the era of the 30s and 40s. “She did that every day; that was a lady.”

The room gushed at how lovely the models were dressed up in their dresses, wrap around skirts and matching shoes.

“A hat defines a lady,” remarked Brewton whose enthusiasm was catching as she described in detail what every model wore. Every color of the rainbow was represented, and even some outside the spectrum. A beautiful African outfit was modeled and Brewton explained how to accessorize and change them up in order to make more outfits out of one.

“We have you looking so beautiful here today, all of you,” she said extolling the need to look your best at every event whether it be church, an interview or even walking around town. Brewton believes in dressing to feel good about yourself and in showcasing an attitude that you are worth something.

“If I didn’t know any better I would think you was the first lady,” she said to one of the models. “She looks that good.”

Even the keynote speaker, Missionary Johnson of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church strutted her stuff.

Brewton gave a lesson to the ladies on how to strut. Holding hands, the models paraded themselves down the center aisle to rounds of applause, and joyous singing.  Brother Gregory Porter played upbeat piano melodies throughout the event and the atmosphere could only be described as a religious experience.

So if you’re looking to experience some of the attitude that comes from hattitude, stop by Grand Mode House of Fashions in Clearwater. It’s located on 1118 Harris Lane, or you can call them at 727-461-3784. Don’t forget to check out their website at weddbydesign.com.

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