Writing with God in mind

BY DEXTER MCCREE, Feature Writer

ST. PETERSBURG – Christmas dinner 2011 started off as it does every year for Robin Cocks—delicious food with the family gathered reflecting on life. Unlike other Christmas dinners in years past, she had an idea for a book inspired by her father as they all ate too much holiday fare.

“There was some talk to at least my father (Minister Moses Green, Associate Minister Friendship Missionary Baptist Church) about the idea of how cell phone text messages can be deceiving because you really do not know who the message is coming from,” said Cocks.

She wanted to show how text messages could lead to terror, and so the idea for her first manuscript was born, “Terror Text.”

Themes in “Terror Text” explore teenage bullying, a mother’s suffering and students being terrorized by a lunatic after receiving text messages on their cell phones.

Robin Cocks BooksAlthough “Terror Text” was Cocks’ initial writing, she actually published another book before it.

“Ordinary Guy” was her first published work; however, she cannot recall why she put “Terror Text” on the back burner to write it.

“Perhaps because it wasn’t so terrifying; perhaps I should have started off writing only Christian fiction from the start.”

The basis of Cocks’ writings is usually her infatuation with the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ expressed love and healing power of forgiveness became her motivational for writing “Ordinary Guy: Third Edition” and “Ordinary Guy: Good Preachers.”

In “Ordinary Guy: Third Edition,” the character Jay Mitchell is faced with a perceived trial. Jesus’ love within allows him to walk through the perceived trouble without making mistakes that could ruin his life.

“I believe this story is important because it illustrates how people can face difficult situations in life and come out victorious, not yielding to temptations and giving in to sin, avoiding hurting others and themselves,” expressed Cocks, admitting that it has a slow start but is worth it once you get to chapter three. “I know the book’s overall message is powerful.”

In “Good Preachers,” Jesus’ healing power of forgiveness prevails when the character, Pastor Isaac Williams, suddenly falls ill during a church sermon.  Detectives investigating his mysterious illness and uncover envy and deceit and learn why telling the gospel truth can lead to destruction. The story illustrates the need for forgiveness.

Cocks is married to Vince and is the mother of adult children. She is a speech-language pathologist who displays unwavering faith in God. She is a graduate of Lakewood High School and the University of South Florida where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.

In her early years, she was recognized as Florida’s winner in the Love’s Baby Soft Model Contest and Miss Photogenic in the Miss Florida USA Beauty Pageant. While working in the public schools, she received the Jack R. Lamb Rookie Teacher of the Year Award CEC Suncoast Chapter Nominee for her accomplishments in serving children with disabilities.

She is currently an active deacon at Maximo Presbyterian Church where her husband serves as sexton.

Cocks is thankful for the people who have inspired her to keep on writing such as her pastor. She even received a letter of encouragement from Eternal Word Television Network, a television network that presents around-the-clock Catholic-themed programming.

“I’m encouraged when people tell me how much they enjoy the books and the storylines. I’m hoping my books will inspire people to just read. Our advancement is dependent on our people reading. Hopefully, when they read my writings, they will find enjoyment,” she finished.

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