Have you reached the 5th dimension yet?


No, I do not have in mind that singing group called the Fifth Dimension that was very popular in the 1970s, even though they were sensational.

But rather, I’m referring to the five levels or dimensions that are required for everyone to enter into God’s rest that is only found within His government. What we have to do is submit to His rules of engagement in order to receive the benefits of being a King’s kid and servant of the only true and living God.

We are in the world, but not of it. Citizens of the Kingdom of God do not reason the way the world systems reason and come to their final conclusions. That’s why I want to know if you boast on “being too blessed to be stress?”

Are these your thoughts: “I’m the chosen one, but I haven’t decided who I want you to be yet,” or “I’ve got my mind made up and I’m gonna have anything I want from God.” If you do, you are not anywhere near the fifth dimension.

In fact, you lack understanding what the Kingdom of God is, how it functions and how one can become a citizens of it. Owing a green card will not allow you to enter in, nor will a Visa permit you to tour God’s Kingdom.

The first level or dimension that is required of every person who became a Christian is that they recognized and acknowledged that even though they were created perfect their soul had become contaminated with the world systems of reasoning/logic.

However, the second dimension for you to step onto happens once you were evangelized with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and realized that your sinful nature was ruling and reigning in your heart. In return, an acknowledgment that Jesus loves them and suffered and died just to pay their pardon. Paying their sin debt, Jesus set them free from the law of sin and death. In fact, made them righteous. The results are that you are now “born again” of the Spirit of God upon accepting Him as your savior and are a citizen of God’s Kingdom.

The third dimension for you to step into is to allow yourself to become teachable as a student under the tootle of one of God’s call, chosen, appointed and anointed teachers. That is humble yourself enough to be mentored by a more experience officer of the church that is qualified to guide you in becoming one of Jesus’ disciples.

Once you have more than an intellectual assent with book knowledge, you will acquire a truthful spiritual understanding that is referred to as revelations. Only then will you be able to experience a deeper and intimate relationship with our master because you now truly understand who God has said that He is. Deep calls to the deep.

The fourth dimension is to receive the baptism into the Holy Spirit and you shall receive power from on high. No doubt praying in your prayer language, your soul will be enlightened beyond measure and your spirit strengthen.

Heaven gates will be open wide unto you as the Holy Spirit will travel with you as your comforter. This elevates you to the fifth dimension. You will comprehend what Jesus meant in practical terms when He said as the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you. Therefore, you go to every ethnic group and make “disciples” of them.

If you bypass any of these dimensions or levels in attempting to become what God has purposed in His plan for you. You will be driven to do works of your flesh. If you build your hope on anything else other than the foundation of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, you will be ineffective. Therefore, God shall not bless it.

Because of this, many have determined to rely on themselves or some other person to call them into ministry, make them be an officer within the Body of Christ [the Church] or simply gather unto themselves other insecure people like themselves who do not have a clue who God is nor who they are.

Are you there yet?

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