Increasing parent and church engagement by 100 percent

What if? Yes We Will?

Praise The Lord!!  “Yes, we will,” says the Lord!

The August 31 edition of The Weekly Challenger feature an article by myself entitled “What if?” It dealt with several conditional what ifs.

1. What if the grassroots community (the ones in the trenches for the for school success), including local business and community-based organizations, came together with schools to focus on the five low performing elementary schools located in St. Petersburg: Campbell Park, Fairmount Park, Lakewood, Maximo and Melrose?

2. What if all the above came together and listened to each other with the attitude of the Lord (Phil 2:5)! NOT BLAMING, but actually listening to each other!

3. What if parents, families, churches and schools came together in an earnest commitment to focus on getting positive results in academic, discipline, respect for authority, attendance and tardiness?

4. What if all concerned develop respect for each other?

5. What if the Lord heard and the people turned? (2 Chron 7:14)

Well several weeks ago when the Parent Support For Education Council, Inc. (PSFEC) team, school board member Terry Krassner and concerned citizens met with Superintendent Dr. Michael A. Grego of Pinellas County Schools, the following was proposed:

The several elementary schools located in St. Petersburg that are among those identified by the Florida Department of Education as the 2013-14 lowest 300 performing elementary schools in the state, namely Campbell Park, Melrose, Lakewood, Fairmount Park and Maximo.

Each of these schools has a PTA or SAC average of one to five parents per school.

PSFEC proposes a series of no less than three listening forums to be held in the communities where each of the low performing schools are located for  the purpose of increasing parental engagement by 100 percent resulting in obtaining significant positive measurable results in academics, discipline, attendance, tardiness and respect for authority within three to five years.

A special thanks to Dr. Grego for joining in a partnership with PSFEC to host listening forums, which will consist of the school board and superintendent listening, not defending.  And parents, churches and community not blaming, but rather in love, sharing concerns and strategies for solutions.

The listening forums are jointly organized and planned by the school district including representatives from churches, PSFEC and faith-based organizations with the primary focus to increasing parent, family and community engagement by 100 percent within three to five years.

The outcomes of the 3-5 year initiative will result in significantly increasing measurable results in:

1. Increasing parent, family and community engagement by 100 percent. Increasing parent, family and community engagement includes the parent or designee “contacting” the school at least three times a week during the school year when the child is not in trouble.

“Contact” is defined as, but not limited to portal, email, cell phone, signing student agendas, homework, school visits or events, etc.

2. A positive impact on academics, discipline, attendance, tardiness and family and school relationship.

Not what if, but yes we will. The school district and the parents/families faith-based organizations working together for the success of our children of the more than 1,000 who attend Maximo Elementary, Fairmount Park Elementary, Campbell Park Elementary, Lakewood Elementary and Melrose Elementary.

Schools Listens and Parents, Families, Church and Community Share:

Concerns, Solutions and Commitment

John Hopkins Middle

Mon., Nov. 17 at 6 p.m.

If you wish to participate, contact PSFEC. Give your name, cell and email address.

Let’s give the Lord all the honor and praise!!

Pastor Rainey

Pastor Rainey

Pastor Rainey serves as Community Outreach Pastor for the Faith Memorial MB Church. He serves as President of the Parent Support For Education Council, Inc. and Chairman, JWB South County Community Council, 2.1.1. Tampa Bay Cares and may be contacted: – Cell: 727/420-1326

PSFEC meets every third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at Faith Memorial Missionary Baptist 1800 18th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, at the (Resource Center), to the right and adjacent to the Church. The community is welcome.

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