Labor of love

By Dexter McCree, Feature Writer

Some 40 years ago, James and Nettie McIntosh instilled in their children that family is all that you have in this world. They said friends will come and go and acquaintances will pass you by! You can choose anybody that you want to be with, but you can’t choose your family. That message has rang loud and clear, even to this day. So what do you do with people that you had no decision in being connected to? You love them to pieces!

“I absolutely love my sisters,” said Monica McIntosh, one of five girls. “We hang out, go shopping, do things with the kids and of course, have cookouts.

For the McIntosh family, holidays are synonymous with family gatherings. For birthdays? Family gatherings! Achievements and accomplishments? Family gatherings! It doesn’t take much to entice this labor of love to be on display.

And now, there’s a new generation who is learning the “we are one” family message.  Almeta Bowers, the senior of the McIntosh sisters, heads a four generation legacy at the gatherings. Mom and Pop McIntosh were stern but loving. They were direct, but understanding. The thing that was demanded of the McIntosh family was that they stuck together and displayed a labor of love.

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