Morning Glory Urban Christian Television Network set to launch


TAMPA BAY — Black women continue to be underrepresented on television, in film and in advertising; in fact, the titles of network owner, producer or CEO are almost nonexistent when they are attached to a black woman in show business.

Of course, we are familiar with names such as Shonda Rhimes, executive producer, writer and creator of “Grey’s Anatomy” and the new megahit “Scandal;” Debra L. Lee is at helm of BET as chairman and CEO and Forbes magazine staple Oprah Winfrey who owns Harpo Productions and has her network. But it becomes hard pressed to name other black women executives in the business. That was until now.

Sas Srinivasa is set to enter into this small elite arena by becoming the owner of the newly created network Morning Glory Urban Christian Television Network. With recent negotiations with parent company SIMA Communications completed, the network is set to launch in August.

Srinivasa began her broadcast career in 2012 when she was producer and host of her first show, “Kingdom Connection with Fire Sas,” a one hour television ministry. Her earlier job had been far away from the bright television studio lights. She was an order taker at a fast food drive thru.

With a chance encounter with a CEO of a local network, she was told she had a unique voice that was being wasted at the drive thru. Although he did not assist her in getting into the broadcast world, she felt it was a sign from God. And this year the network is becoming a reality.

“I thank Marlen Abrahantes, president and CEO of SIMA Communications Group for believing in me, always will I be grateful,” Srinivasa stated.

Srinivasa credits her religious faith and her drive to achieve to her late parents, Bertha and Josh Danford. “They instilled good values in my life and so much love,” she said. “It taught me to let love flow through me. I began preaching at the age of four. I was at a tent revival in Georgia with my maternal grandparents and I began preaching. “I’ve not been perfect, but I’ve been faithful.”

Srinivasa said that in the past she has pastored churches but that is not a role suited for her at the moment. She considers herself to be a prophetess. “A prophetess is to be the mouthpiece of God to his people with 100 percent accuracy,” she explained. “I like to pour into God’s people.”

Morning Glory Urban Christian Network will be on 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some of the times slots are already developed including “Super Sunday Rock,” which Srinivasa exclaimed it will “showcase of the gifted, anointed and talented.” The program will be diverse and can include gospel singers, inspirational dancers, choirs, and musicians. “I want to serve up balance,” said Srinivasa.

She is in negotiations with major entertainers to come on or to dedicate a full day of their work. Monday through Friday will be blocked to sell space to other Christian based churches and venues.

Srinivasa graduated from Boca Ciega High School and has bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Florida. She is a mother of four, and two of her children will be an integral part of the network.

Her youngest son, Mahabi, will be the engineer and her daughter, Paviella, the program director. Her other sons are, Chandrahasa Srinivasa, executive assistant pastor of Friendship Baptist Church and her eldest, Narasipur, who she says is her major motivator to keep going forward.

“I want God to direct my path,” Srinivasa stated. “I want to bring Morning Glory Urban Christian Network to all of the major markets. I always say to keep it real, keep it humble and to keep it moving.”

The network will launch August 29, but until then you can check out their website at

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