New Principal for University Prep

Amid rumors of a tumultuous first few months at University Preparatory Academy, a new principal has been assigned to the helm — Darius Adamson. And his mission is one of healing and rejuvenation.

Located in an area of south St. Petersburg that has schools failing when it comes to Florida’s school grading system, University Prep was built up as the best alternative for local families forced to send their kids to low performing schools. In fact, two Pinellas County schools in the area, according to the Florida Department of Education, have both been on the list of F schools for the past three years.

Parents and students originally flocked to the new charter school with high hopes of salvation. But allegations of families being encouraged to find alternate schools if they didn’t adhere to expectations, started flying around the media. And in January, the director of the school was replaced.

Now a new principal sits at the wheel ready to make University Prep a household name, that is, one that isn’t dirty.

Adamson brings some 20 years of experience in the field of education to the charter school. Having been a classroom teacher, a principal and even a regional superintendent amid various states, Adamson feels he brings a unique perspective to University Prep and will be able to guide the fledgling school in the direction the community is looking for.

For more information, potential parents can call (727) 366-7145. Sign up information can also be found at, or you can head on over to the University Preparatory Academy and pick up an application.

Currently the school has a waiting list, but Adamson informs there will be more availability for the upcoming year. “We’re taking applications right now as we speak,” he said speaking of the open enrollment.

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