Part- time crematory operator needed

Memorial Park Funeral Home and Cemetery is seeking a Part-Time Crematory Operator. This position will be responsible for determining if and how the cremation will be performed and ensuring proper cremated remains are returned to the appropriate authority. The successful candidate will have a current license to operate a crematory and previous experience in cremation.


  • Ensure facilities and equipment are clean, well maintained and in safe working order
  • Demonstrate proficiency in proper operating procedures
  • Maintain identification integrity throughout the process by following policies and procedures
  • Verify all NorthStar and any state required forms are complete and accurate prior to cremating
  • Handle final preparation of cremated remains and proper packing in the correct container
  • Maintain crematory records including service and maintenance records
  • Archive crematory logs and daily temperature charts as required by your licenses and permits
  • Work with various departments to accomplish tasks efficiently and accurately
  • Ensure the highest degree of care and dignity are afforded to the deceased, and that the cremation will be performed under the strictest of policies and procedures
  • Ensure the chamber is neat and clean after each cremation
  • Show respect and sensitivity toward client families
  • Handle all remains with dignity, respect and care

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Required licensure to operate a crematory at the location
  • Understanding of OSHA and EPA guidelines
  • Availability to work Thursdays and Fridays

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