Pastor’s Corner: Are you telling yourself the truth?


“Let the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, o’Lord my strength and my redeemer.” Psalms 19:14 is a powerful affirmation to repeat to God about ourselves every day.  Of course, it’s easier to deflect our self-talk about what others may or may not be saying and doing. It takes the attention and responsibility of judging ourselves away from us. It then becomes easier to judge everyone else without understanding we are judging others from the reflections we see within our hearts.

Unfortunately, too many church folks have a very big problem telling themselves the truth. We know God’s Word is the truth. We further recognize that Jesus living proved He loved us; dying, he saved us, buried, He carried our sins far away and raising He justified us forever and He’s coming back one day.

Whoa!! Stop that tape that’s playing in our minds. Understand it’s “a” truth that being justified by the finished work of Jesus on the cross positions us as if we have never sinned. Yeah-justified! But in our getting all this good stuff from God, we must get understanding. Wisdom is the foundation what we are telling ourselves is built upon.

So you know the truth. Why then are you not free? Why are you not manifesting the fruit that God has said you have? [Galatians 5:22-23] Perhaps there are too many voices in the conference room of your mind.  Are you seeking counseling from people who do not have any real or genuine love for you when you’re hurting? Are you seeking advice from those who don’t hear what you are really saying and instead cut you off while you are attempting to express your pain?

You seek understanding about what you are facing from spiritual minded folks and they in return use the Word of God to beat you down for thinking or feeling the way you do.  Have you mistakenly considered the person in whom you seek answers from is not more disturbed than you are? Be careful how you hear [Luke 8:15-18]

James teaches us that wisdom [how we apply what we perceive we know] will justify herself whether it’s the wisdom from God or the devil. [James 3:15-17]. Who are you listening to? What are you telling yourself about yourself? Are you telling yourself the truth?

If not, adjourn that meeting. Excuse all those voices including yours. As we are living in a day where even church folks are devising their individual reality show in their hearts that’s being recorded over and over in their minds. Most things happen in our life because of the way we think. Are you telling yourself the truth? Some tell themselves they are like the people they see on TV, movies, commercials, at church and other people who impresses them.

The problem is not unbelief but misbelief. Unbelief is when you in a subconscious state of denial, mistake your identity and self-worth; then hide out on your personal fantasy island attempting to live the lies you keep telling yourself as if no one knows that you have serious issues.

Misbelief is when you refuse to reward yourself with kind and smoothing words for obeying your Lord.  You seek others approval of you instead. When was the last time you told yourself “good job” when you had successfully completed a task? There is only one who can redeem our soul and strengthen us. It is Jesus the anointed one sent from God; the Creator of everything and everyone and the Father of some of us.

If you don’t tell yourself the truth, you can never tell the truth to or about others. Stop justifying what you think, feel or desire. Shakespeare said: “To thy own self be true.”

Examine every aspect of your life with absolute honesty by yourself and with yourself. God already knows the truth about you. He’s waiting for you. He’ll stand by you. He’ll gently lead, guide and provide for you. Are you worthy? Absolutely not! God loves everyone the same. He’s not a respecter of persons. If you accept Him as your Savior, He’ll make you worthy and righteous. He will never leave nor forsake you. He’ll stick by you closer than any brother, church folks or any other.

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