Pastor’s Corner: Women’s History Month

Did you celebrate Women’s History Month?

Pastor Sarah Edwards

Pastor Sarah Edwards, Visible Voices Christian Community Association

All over our nation, women are celebrated during the month of March but should also be celebrated every day.  Here in sunny St. Pete, the City of Churches and even more so in the valley of Churches [Midtown area] have a lot of reasons to march out every day celebrating women.

A few being: Celebrating the woman’s womb that was designed by God to be the Matrix for everyone who is fully human to leave His heart and enter into the earthly realm. Mary, a 14-year-old girl was highly favored of God to give birth to His Son.

Once she clearly understood how this was to happen to her (being a virgin) she simply said: “let it be to me according to Your Word.”  She allowed God to use her womb to fulfill His purpose in the earth so that His Word and the Light of the world could appear in the flesh and walk among us [Matthew 1:26-38].

Mothers are also the first teachers of everyone who is fully human. Her nurturing from conception along with the lessons she teaches her babies the first seven years of their life will frame their perceptions, morals and make them capable of appreciating their value. Also, their character and personality will be formed.  A father demonstrating his respect and love for his child and their mother contributes as much and sometimes more-to a child’s development as the mother does.

Together, they set boundaries that determine the child’s freedom built upon a strong foundation for Daddy’s girl and Mama’s little lady.

Celebrate the strength and character of women along with their wisdom and courage: Esther’s family was a victim of gentrification. She became an orphan after her mother and father died. Never the less, her uncle celebrated her and adopted her during the time when their people were being oppressed.  She was not afraid to confront the King, putting her life at risk in order to save her people from oppression [Esther 2-3].

Celebrate women who have been qualified and ordained by God to teach Kings, Priests and Prophets: Huldah owned a school of Prophets under the old covenant.

Her husband was the King’s butler; the keeper of his clothes but she lived in Jerusalem, in a new house. She was a benchmark of things to come with the new and better Covenant.  When the King wanted to rebuild the Temple of God, he commanded the Priest to go and inquire of the LORD if the book he had found was authentic, for the wrath of the LORD burned against their city as their fathers had not listened nor obeyed the words of that book. They in return were sent to speak to Huldah the Prophet [ess].

She said to them to go back and tell the King indeed they were the words of God and also if they do not repent evil will come upon the entire city of Judah and everyone who lived there. So they took her answer back to the King. He called all the elders, the everyday people, the priest and the prophets to hear the reading of God’s book that had been found in the temple ruins. They all repented and the King made a covenant before the LORD to keep His commandments, testimonies and His statutes with all his heart and soul and enforce the words of God’s covenant that were written in this book. And all the people also entered into the covenant and God’s wrath was withheld. And they successfully rebuild the Temple [2 Kings 22-23].

Celebrate women during and outside of women’s history month because we are not what we weigh. The label on our clothes, our past, how many alphabets behind our name nor the color of our skin.  Listen up! God wants His daughters well so that false prophets will stop heaping upon themselves a house full of ‘silly women’ who subjugate themselves to subtle influences and blatant lies which hold many women who are laden with a sin captive [Jeremiah 6:14; Jeremiah 8:11;2 Timothy 3:6].

Most of all women need to celebrate women by conquering the vivid and violent battlegrounds within their mind. Jesus died for women too. Accept Him as your Savior. Celebrate yourself as an original and not a cheap copy of who others desire you to be. Experience the manifestation of the riches of God’s glory which is in you! [Colossians 1:27]

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