Relationships matter


Life is all about relationships. There are three primary relationships that we must be mastered in order to have a successful life: God, self and others.  The way to master relationships is through LOVE.

The first relationship is our relationship with God.  Love is more than words. Love is demonstrated through our actions. We demonstrate our love for God through the Seven Spiritual Disciplines:

1. Prayer and Meditation – Luke 18:1

2. Fasting and Releasing all that no longer serves us well. – Matthew 17:21

3. Praise and Worship (individual and corporate) – John 4:24

4. Reading and Studying the Scriptures – II Timothy 2:15

5. Tithing our time, talents and treasure (money) – Matthew 23:23

6. Fellowship with saints/ positive people – Acts 2:42

7. Witness and share our testimony with others – Psalms 105:1

Instead of focusing on the negative that people should not do. Let’s focus on the positive actions that will bring us closer to God. Through positive spiritual growth, we will outgrow any thoughts, words or actions that are not reflective of our divine nature.

Join us this Sunday for our Family and Friends’ Day to find out more about our theme is Relationships Matter.

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