Running against the establishment!

Dear Editor:

My name is Anne Hirsch, and with the support of the people, I will be the next District 5 City Councilperson.

At a time when our city and country are more divided than ever, reparations is the way to unite St. Petersburg and bring justice to the black community. When we begin with reparations, we can solve all the problems in the city.

This is a message that is already resonating with thousands of people in St. Pete and beyond, as seen in the national outpouring of support for the Eritha Akile Cainion, my running mate, whose District 7 campaign raised more than $13,000 in one week from people in 39 states and the District of Columbia.

Together we can stop the greedy developers, crooked politicians and luxury high-rise condos by uniting with the black community who has been on the front lines of this struggle for decades.

Together we can make St. Pete a model of unity in a country torn apart by racist politicians, white nationalist fringe groups and genocidal policies at our border.

I support reparations to the black community. I am running against the establishment. I am the only candidate in District 5 who is pushing back against the status quo of gentrification and big development at the expense of the neighborhoods.

St. Petersburg is a city divided. The white north side of town has been developed at the expense and by exploiting the labor of the black community in south St. Pete. Thirty percent of the south side’s black community live below the poverty line and are forced to use 54 percent of their income on housing, being left with only six dollars a day for food, clothing and other necessities.

Police brutalize and kill the black community in St. Petersburg with impunity!

We can do better in St. Petersburg.

I am running in a mixed district. I represent all of the people of District 5.

To the black community, I say I am committed to righting the wrongs that built my community at your expense. I refuse to participate in the current administration’s plans to push you out of your neighborhoods.

To the white community, I speak for you when I call for justice in our city so that we can all move forward together. The only way that can happen is through reparations to the black community.

When I am elected, the land under the Trop will be returned to the black community to create economic development and build affordable housing.  Jordan Park will be returned to the black community and put under the control of the residents who live there.

We will halt the building of any more luxury apartments, and require the millionaire developers to pay to fix the sewage infrastructure they are stressing.

We must reprioritize the city’s budget to focus on the people and the neighborhoods.

When I am elected, we will no longer spend a fifth of the city’s budget on the police department. In fact, we will retrofit that new “green” police station to house the homeless in our city.

I support the call for black community control of the police in black neighborhoods.  That is a solution that just makes sense.

When we begin with reparations, we create a city where all workers have power, and where affordable housing is a top priority.

Hundreds of people are supporting this platform!  We have 15 more days to push it through the primary!  Join us! Go to to donate and volunteer!

My name is Anne Hirsch, and with your vote, I will be the next District 5 City Councilperson. Together we can move forward with Unity Through Reparations.

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