Donald asked what do blacks have to lose?


Dear Editor:

It was the night of April 4, 1968, in Indianapolis. A few minutes before he was to speak at a presidential campaign rally, Senator Robert Kennedy had been given shocking news by his aides that Dr. Martin L. King had been shot and killed in Memphis, Tenn. Kennedy was told by some law enforcement not to go on with the rally, for his safety could not be guaranteed. He not only ignored the warning, but personally delivered the news of King’s death to a stunned mostly black audience.

Kennedy asked the audience which way they wanted to precede, hatred against all whites or a rededication to nonviolence the way Dr. King had. He also reminded his mostly black audience that his own brother had been killed by a white man.

Many cities went up in flames that night, including Washington, D.C., New York and Baltimore. Not Indianapolis.

Last year Dylann Root murdered Christians who had invited him to a prayer service in Charleston, N.C. Candidate Jeb Bush canceled his campaign appearance. Last week riots broke out in Milwaukee after a black cop killed a young black man, and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump showed up the next night to offer his vision to black people. Unlike Kennedy, however, Trump spoke to a white audience miles away from the black community that had erupted in violence. He spoke to black people from the safety of a white audience. He told blacks how bad there schools are and that he would solve police problems by hiring more police.

The Donald continues to tell black people how bad the first black president is. He went as far as to call President Obama a founding father of the terrorist group ISIS. If Obama or any other liberal had made some of the claim Trump gets away with, they would be branded traitors.

Just good ole partisan politics? Yes, if you consider scapegoating minorities, flip flopping and lying good.

Trump supporters say he is not a politicians and he just tells it like it is. Trump has not been elected to an office, but saying he is not a politician is not being honest. He has used isolated incidents to denigrate whole groups of people. Trump lovers are littered with people who are not comfortable in a world where non-white men share power.

Trump said he will make America great again and bring better paying jobs. The Republican Party is against raising the minimal wage, and Trump has even cheated people who have done work for him. He wasn’t all that crazy about buying American when it came to two of the three women he married.

Yet Trump wants African Americans to consider him a viable choice over Hillary Clinton. He single highhandedly started the Birther movement, questioning President Obama’s presidential legitimacy. How many people questioned where Ted Cruz or John McCain was born? They all have white American mothers, including President Obama.

Trump seems to have a dogged hatred for the president as he questions his leadership, wisdom and patriotism. Could you ever imagine anyone accusing President Bush of being the leader of Al-Qaeda after 9/11? What would have happened to Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton if they had said President Reagan was a Grand Dragon of the KKK?

This clown can throw anything against the wall, and it’s not only Obama he is slandering. Think about this, if Obama is the founder of ISIS, then what have our military men and women been doing in the Mid-East these last seven years? He blamed Obama and Clinton for ISIS, and remember he also blamed George Bush during the Republican primaries. However, he hasn’t blamed the Syrian President for murdering his own people or the Russian strongman he so admires, Vladimir Putin.

If you think Trump or the masters of obstruction in the Republican controlled Congress are going to find religion and somehow make you believe we have reached the promise land, I think you are going to be disappointed. Can Clinton do it? No I don’t think so, but with all of her faults she is more qualified.

Marco Rubin calls Trump a con artist and Jeb Bush called him the chaos candidate. Building walls is what the Soviets did in Berlin. In a perfect world Mother Teresa would come back and drop kick that rug off his head. And I know something about strange hair!


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