Santa Claus & Hope Alive Outreach bring joy to Jordan Park

Dr. Basha P. Jordan, Jr., CEO of Hope Alive Outreach treated Jordan Park residents to toys, blankets, socks, and winter caps on Christmas Eve.

ST. PETERSBURG — What better time to bring joy to Jordan Park than while the residents are in the middle of moving, preparing for the renovation of 206 units and the building of 60 new units than on Christmas Eve?

Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Santa’s elves blessed children in Jordan Park with toys and staple items for the seventh year in a row. Dr. Basha P. Jordan, Jr., CEO of Hope Alive Outreach, enjoys playing Santa accompanied by his wife, Pia, and bringing hope to children through giving.

Pastor Jordan believes in giving back to the community so they’ll know that somebody loves them as Christ has loved us.

The mission of the Hope Alive Outreach is to give hope to all God’s people, especially those who suffer from the disease of addiction to drugs and alcohol. During this COVID-19 pandemic, there is an epidemic of drug overdoses due to isolation, and many parents cannot provide for their children during Christmas.

This is where the church steps in to sow seeds of love and hope for families, especially the children.

“I love playing Santa, listening to the children tell me what they want for Christmas, and allowing them to experience compassion from a Black Santa Claus,” said Rev. Jordan, better known on social media as The Hope Dr.

Not only did Santa give out toys, blankets, socks, and winter caps, but he also sang Christmas carols under the direction of Paul Williams. Dr. Jordan also spoke to the crowd about drug prevention and where to get help for recovery.

He prayed for everyone present, asking for God’s divine protection from all harm and danger. Parents and children waited with bated breath as they won door prizes for bicycles and scooters. At the end of the event, everyone stood in a circle while Chief Apostle Everette closed with prayer.

The Hope Dr. may be contacted confidentially by calling 443-250-9635 or if you know of someone needing help for addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The afternoon was made possible with partners such as Attorney Shannon Ligon, Roy Binger, Norm and Judy Hill, Nancy McCann, Stephanie Henningsen, Mt. Zion Progressive Outreach, Crown Mercedes, Marc Lichtenberg, Chief Apostle Dorothy Everette, Pastor Camelia Webster, Rev. Robert Coleman, Paul Jones, Amber Woods, Daniel Henson, Medford Campbell, Glendy Goodsell, Robert Dobbin, Danielle Thomas, COO, and Michael Lundy, CEO, St. Pete Housing Authority.

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