SCLC providing for the needy

SCLC members stopped to pose for a photo, and quickly went back to preparing for their MLK Day of Service project and the MLK festivities happening next week



ST. PETERSBURG — For the first time, the Pinellas County chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) has been awarded the MLK Day of Service grant in order to provide smiles to the homeless.

Efforts are being put forth to collect and sort basic necessities to create 300 wellness kits for the homeless.

The event will take place Jan. 16 from 2:30-6 p.m. at Tropicana Field during the second annual “MLK Dream Big” Family Fun Festival.

Over the last decade, Princess Denise Wright, recording secretary for the SCLC, has been working to improve the lives of the homeless.

“I may not be able to do everything, but something helps, and everybody can do something,” said Wright when explaining the intent behind the service project.

Not a stranger to the discomfort of homelessness and the effects on the person and their families, Wright saw her sister go through the struggle.

“When you have family and you can’t help them then this [helping others] is what you do.”

Wright also believes that having a personal experience with homelessness has made her realize that the homeless are indeed humans and they just need to be shown that someone cares.

“Just smile and say hello,” Wright implored.

Members of the SCLC are full of energy, excitement and smiles when it comes to this project. They assure everyone that they will be at the table showing love to anyone who needs help.

Word is being spread through a contact at St. Vincent de Paul to inform those in need of personal items. If you know someone in need, please share this information.

“The MLK Day of Service grant will allow us to lift the fallen, restore the broken, show love and compassion and to bless the hurting,” finished Wright.

The SCLC would like to thank Annie Tyrell of Annie’s Beauty Supply for providing the bags that the item will be placed in.

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