Second annual memorial service


ST. PETERSBURG – Early Sunday morning, members of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church were readying the sanctuary for the early morning praise and worship service that begins at 7:45 a.m. But on the morning of Jan. 31, the church was being prepared not just for Sunday morning services, but also for a remembrance of the 22 members who passed away in 2015.

A special section was cordon off for the family members of those who have gone on to their heavenly homes. As their family member’s names were called, the bereaved entered into the sanctuary and each was greeted by Senior Pastor Dr. John A. Evans.

“We thank you so much for the opportunity to celebrated the lives of our beloved family members, church members, family and friends who you have been called from labor to reward,” prayed Pastor Evans.

He implored God to comfort, strengthen and heal the families, and thanked Him for the memories that are still alive in their hearts.

Immediately after the benediction, the families were invited to the Upper Room for a reception made possible by the Deacon, Deaconess and Youth Ministries.

Gone but not forgotten: 2015 members:

Sister Katherine J. Burr – Feb. 1, 2015

Brother Eugene Simmons – Feb. 10, 2015

Brother O.C. Houston – Feb. 11, 2015

Minister Renee Miller – Feb. 15, 2015

Sister Beverly Jackson – March 8, 2015

Sister Dorothy Taylor – April 1, 2015

Brother Charles Cheatum – May 10, 2015

Sister Carrie Rivers – May 9, 2015

Sister Barbara Jean Lynch – May 23, 2015

Sister Hattie Lee Newkirk Jones – May 24, 2015

Sister Patricia Ann Fikes-Lamb – June 5, 2015

Brother Thomas Papaleo – June 24, 2015

Sister Carneatha Connie Sierman – June 27, 2015

Sister Lucille Black – July 1, 2015

Brother David Copeland – August 7, 2015

Brother Arlanzo Byrd – August 13, 2015

Sister Diane Douglas – August 18, 2015

Sister Daisy Robinson – September 22, 2015

Sister Veronica Bryd Latimore – September 30, 2015

Brother Robert I. Henderson – October 3, 2015

Brother George Robinson – December 6, 2015

Brother Henry Allen Boyd, III – December 8, 2015

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  1. Wanda Taylor says:

    This was a lovely Service for all the family.I was so Grateful for the invite.The pastor was great and food was lovely,Thanks to those who prepared the food and this wonderful service for me and my family.I’m sure each family was very Thankful for this service.The pictures in the paper of some family was not good at all.My Family picture didn’t seem like it was real,My Mom looked painted on and I didn’t have any type of blue eye’s.Sister looked scary.I really would have thought you pre-check your paper before you print them. Overall Thanks Weekly Challenger for doing that for all the Family.

    Thanks from Wanda &

    The Taylor Family

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