The city’s commitment to diversity

BY ROBERT DANIELSON, City of St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG – St. Petersburg is highly committed to diversity in the workplace, which begins with our strong recruitment efforts to attract qualified minority employees at all levels of the organization. We actively recruit and are visible at job fairs, city festivals, schools and other gatherings all year long.

2014 Recruitment QuarterThe City of St. Petersburg is committed to affirmative action and equal opportunity employment, and encourages individuals with disabilities and United States military veterans to apply for posted positions. The city’s efforts to maintain high caliber services are enhanced by recruiting and employing highly qualified individuals from diverse cultures and groups.

Most recently, the city increased its minimum wage to $12.50 and also joined a growing number of cities who have “banned the box,” removing needless impediments that in the past may have prevented those with minor criminal records from getting a job with the city.

What is the city’s guiding principle in regard to diversity?

The city’s non-discrimination language was strengthened again this year.

How is diversity incorporated in the city’s organizational structure? 

Minorities are prevalent at all levels of the city workforce. The mayor has appointed an African American woman to the position of deputy mayor, an African American woman as urban affairs director, an African American man as police chief and openly gay men to the positions of LGBT liaison in the mayor’s office and in the St. Petersburg Police Department.

The city has increased its non-discrimination policy this year to include gender identity, and has expanded its curriculum of diversity training.

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