The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida condemns senseless Jacksonville tragedy

Trevor Mallory, president of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida, said the Jacksonville slayings are an alarming reminder of the urgent need to confront the deeply rooted legacy of racism within our communities.

Dear Editor:

The tragic Jacksonville shooting that resulted in the deaths of three unarmed Black citizens at a Dollar General serves as an alarming reminder of the urgent need to confront both the deeply rooted legacy of racism within our communities and the pervasive issue of firearms across the entire state of Florida.

It is essential for us to take comprehensive measures to improve safety for all residents by fostering inclusivity and implementing responsible common sense gun laws. Our primary objective should be to cultivate an environment where every resident, regardless of their background, can feel secure and protected within their immediate neighborhoods and in every corner of our state.

The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida extends our heartfelt condolences to the victims of this senseless act and their family members as they mourn their loss. However, condolences alone are insufficient. We must transform our collective grief into a catalyst for change by demanding tangible measures.

As we stand united in our resolve to support these grieving families, we implore our leaders to prioritize implementing effective policies that address the intricate intersections of racism, gun ownership and community safety. Only through the resolute pursuit of such initiatives can we begin to honor the memories of those we have tragically lost and forge a more equitable and secure future for all Floridians. 

With that being said, this is a prime opportunity for Gov. Ron DeSantis to be proactive and not reactive by allocating security funds to all HBCUs and not just Edward Waters University.

Trevor Mallory, President Democratic Black Caucus of Florida

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