The Feet of God

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” – Mark 16:15

Denial – Spirit does not have physical feet.

Affirmation – My feet are the feet of God.

Your feet are your major vehicle for transportation. Although your feet may sometimes be taken for granted, without them you are not able to get from one place to another. Even use of a bicycle or driving a car requires your feet to be a part of the process. To get on a plane, train or bus, your feet take you there. Our feet have been holding us up throughout our life’s journey.

Jesus, our Wayshower, walked dusty roads to preach and teach the gospel of the Kingdom to the people of various towns and villages in his area.  Occasionally, he rode a donkey or a horse to get to his destination so that a person could be healed or receive a miracle. He was aware that his feet were God’s feet and the only way for the gospel to spread was for him to physically take it to a specific person or place. Today, we can use social media to get the message to others as the earth heals itself from this pandemic.

During this time, I’m not running errands or traveling to various cities in the United States or exploring different countries like I usually do. Instead I AM being more still and standing in the truth that all is well. I AM reminded that I AM exactly where I AM supposed to be to make a difference. As you move throughout your day, remind yourself that you are God’s representatives amid the challenges that we are facing.

Reflection Question – How can you bloom where your feet are planted right now?

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