The law is for the lawless

Being the fifth generation of a multi-ethnic family born in America and raised on the north side of downtown St. Pete and having two relatives employed in law enforcement here, one a member of the “Courageous 12” and the other currently serves as a county sheriff, hasn’t erased institutional prejudices that’s still embedded into the hearts of some we pay to protect us from the outlaws. Some have become a law unto themselves, which now makes them lawless. This causes me to tremble and rejoice at the same time because of the power of social media and the massive exposure of our covered sins being seen all over the world. God assured us that if we hide our sins, He’ll expose them.

Now that I’m a senior citizen, wife of a black man, mother of two black adult sons and two black grandsons, I see that little have changed. Only the rules of engagement of the games played and we not knowing what they are.  Some of us are not surprise of the number of killings of black men in this country. They use to hang them on trees like fruit not too long ago. All the days of my life, my cross to bear is living my life according to God’s purpose while being a colored woman. I’m naturally a beautiful pecan tan.

A lot of people 50 years or younger don’t have a clue how much black men in particular are hated. That is, unless they’re being raise in a subculture that perpetuates being the “hater.” We have several veterans in our family. One retired as a naval officer and has lived on every continent. He shared with me that there is a word for “nigger” on each of them. Secondly, it’s amazing how willing we as people of color remain ignorant about the laws of the land. Well, I never got my 40 acres and mule either. But the color of our skin is no excuse for breaking the law. If they are unjust, don’t be afraid of their faces. Work towards changing them in a civilized manner.

Since we have yet to “overcome,” marching while protesting have always been a good public platform to exhale. However, it’s our prayers that have always been and still is God’s power tool He uses  to turn the tide. To trouble the waters; to cause justice to roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream [Amos 5:24].

There is nothing new under the sun. Prayer produces peace in the midst of a storm filled life and strengthen God’s people to keep our eyes on the prize. God heard the cries of His people who were made slaves because they insisted on rebelling against God as their LORD and depended more on the government. In spite of, God had mercy and sent Moses to tell Pharaoh (the government) to let His people go. Pharaoh’s army drown in the Red Sea.

God is yet stirring the eagles nest once again. He hears our weeping and wailing. God never changes. We all desire our civil rights, but let’s not misplace our aggressions. God has declared that if His people who are called by His name would humble themselves. Not exalt themselves because of their skin color. Seek His face, not handouts and entitlements from man. Turn from our wicked ways because our hearts are deceitfully wicked beyond measure.

When we do, America will hear from heaven once again in a mighty way and God will heal our land. God’s Word and His Holy Spirit will always be the best teachers. Therefore, He gave Moses His laws to be our school master. Examine yourselves, ask for the path our ancestors took and accept God’s love. Jesus paid our penalty for breaking His laws. Gods’ grace is sufficient and His mercies are new every day.

No one can pass enough legislation to regulate the corrupt condition of the heart of man. Regardless of our skin color, repent, receive a clean heart and a renewed spirit by inviting Jesus to rule and reign over our live choices.

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