The will of God and the desires of our heart


Every generation reads the Bible with its own vision and cultural presuppositions then come to terms with which worldview they will embrace. The secular worldview [those who walk by sight and their I.Q. because they find the way of faith too unnerving]. The Christian humanist worldview[those who are too afraid that God may have more light/revelation to break forth from His holy Word into our soul] or the kingdom of God worldview [trust the Spirit of Truth will guide them in the midst of their struggles and triumphs into all truth so they could go boldly to the Throne Room of God and reason with Him].

God not only acts, but He also reacts. God not only influences events in the world, but is also influenced by worldly events. God not only have plans for history, but He is also flexible enough to adapt His plans to decisions humans make. God is not finished with us yet. He desires an intimate relationship with everyone     so they may clearly understand what is His acceptable will for us.  Above all else, God is love. God do not expresses His power by having complete control of every detail of everything we say or do.

God has given the earth to man [Psalm 115:16]. Whatsoever man sets his mind to do for  good or evil, he can accomplish [Genesis 1:26-31 Genesis 11:1-9]. Humanity was given the freedom to chose God’s will or persist in getting what they desire under the conditions of understanding God sits in the heavens and He will intervene into our little affairs on earth [Isaiah 59:14-16].

The Old Testament Prophets presented God revealing their future as if God was not altogether sure those people understood what their future would be like. God was proclaimed saying “Perhaps they will understand” or “Perhaps they will repent” making it sound they had no understanding what God’s will  was for them nor what they had to do when they received this revelation [Jeremiah 3-7; Ezekiel 12:3].

Strong conditions were given to them for instance; “If you change your ways, I will let you dwell in this land but if not… [Jeremiah 7:5-7] At times, God invited them to reason with Him with questions like, “what shall I do with you?” [Hosea 6:4]

The Jews knew with certainty that they were chosen and loved of God as His nation that would separate themselves from worldly influences. They didn’t understand what sin was. Therefore, God gave His commandments as a mirror for them to judge themselves. Hopefully they would conclude they couldn’t keep God’s commandments and needed a Savior.

The Jews stumbling, gave the Gentiles the opportunity to also become ruled by God’s government [Romans 11-12]. Jesus called His disciples’ attention to the radical difference between God’s government and the kind of governance they had been accustomed to [Matthew 20:25-28]. This same point was made by Apostle Paul to the early church [Phil 2:5-11]. The glory of the Father and the honor of Jesus Christ as LORD resulted from the fact that God himself ‘took’ the form of a servant. God’s reality declares His love is more fundamental than justice or power. It’s more important to God to give Himself to whosoever allowed themselves to become joint heirs in Christ Jesus. They could determine what kind of life, family, community, city, nation or world they wanted. God’s love is rooted and grounded in divine majesty and holiness. When agape love lives in the heart of humanity; sin must come to an end. Sin [selfishness] is the contradiction and perversion of agape. God is love, pure, holy. Divine love is the ground swell of divine justice. Divine power motivation is the character of divine sovereignty. Love does not need to be “balanced’ or “kept in check” by any other attribute. This is the will of God.

A paradigm shift may cause us to think about how our desires compare with the will of God as attractive rather than coercive. Biblically the will of God does not necessarily mean God specific intention in a given situation or what He decided shall actually occur, but in fact means God eternal will are His values that pleases Him. And when someone ways please the LORD, He makes even His enemies to be at peace with him. [Proverbs 16:5-7]

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