We Have the Mind of Christ


“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”   Philippians 2:5

In the Old Testament, there was such a disparity between God and God’s creation. Priests and high priests would have to bring God to people and people to God. Through Jesus Christ, that middle wall of partition has been torn down. We have direct access to God and God has direct access to us (Ephesians 2:14).

Under the Old Covenant, God’s thoughts were not our thoughts and God’s ways were not our ways (Isaiah 55:8, 9). As human beings we could only reach a certain plateau of thinking, speaking and behaving.   Through the Holy Spirit, our human limitations have been removed and we have the ability to flow in the Spirit, thus thinking God’s thoughts and operating according to God’s ways.

Under this New Covenant, we become one with God. Like a husband and a wife, there is a marriage between God’s thoughts and our thoughts. Like a hand and glove, there is a union between God’s ways and our ways.  All we have to do is let the Christ mind bring us divine ideas. All we have to do is let the higher consciousness show us new ways of seeing things and doing things.

Because we have so many voices telling us that we can’t think on this alpha plane, it is important for us to use denials and affirmations. Denials take away the power of negativity and prepare a clean sleight for our affirmations of truth. An example of a denial is “I AM not limited by the thoughts of others.” An affirmation that follows this denial is “I have the mind of Christ.”

We can’t afford to allow old traditions and limited religious ideas to hinder us from living in this Kingdom dimension. Every day we must “let this mind be…” Affirm aloud these words for the rest of the week: I am one with God. God’s thoughts are my thoughts. God’s ways are my ways.

Rev. Doral Pulley is the senior pastor of Unity Temple of Truth Church, 511 Prescott St. S, St. Petersburg.

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