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What’s the rush?!

Written by Jervon Hinton, 16 | St. Petersburg Youth Farm

There are many pros and cons of going back to school. One pro is that you get to see your friends, but a negative about that is you wouldn’t know if they are carrying the new and improved COVID-19.

Now, as we progress forward, we will have to be wary of the signs of COVID-19. Most students wouldn’t want to stare at a computer screen for more than five hours doing school work, but at the same time, if they were to go back to school, they could be exposed to the virus.

The virus has impacted the entire country, causing drastic changes in people’s everyday lifestyle. Perhaps they want us to go back to school because of the economic decline. Are they really thinking about our health as they push us back into schools so quickly?

They say they will sanitize everything down, but to my knowledge, I know that sometimes there are no toilet paper or paper towels for needy situations in the bathrooms. They expect us to believe the new changes when they can’t even execute the present ones.

That is something to think about. I say we should take the easy way out and stay on computers. Let’s not risk an entire generation due to a pandemic. Let the schools wait!

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