When increasing parental and community engagement succeeds!

A case in point, when the family is engaged, children succeed!

It is my pleasure to share this article from a grandmother who has worked together with others members of the family to ensure the success of their children. My, what a blessing!!

Blessings from God

Faye HinesWhile over 30 million Americans tuned in to the first round NFL draft picks for the excitement and suspense of who would be chosen, Faye Hines and her family were more excited than most. Even more excited than the proud parents waiting to see if their children would make the cut. Even more excited and proud than the coaches and mentors who worked tirelessly on countless amounts of drills with their protégé who was afforded the opportunity to be considered a NFL draft pick.

Who could be more excited and proud than that?

A family who’s waiting for not one, not two, but four of their young men to take their shot at being selected for a NFL team! “In my mind, this has never been done before,” said Hines. “I don’t think a family has been blessed to have four family members in the same generation at the same time to have the chance to make it to the pros. I’m just so amazed at this blessing form God.”

Hines wants to make it clear that she sees this as nothing short of God’s favor and prays these young men go the distance. Xavier and Bar’ee Boyd of St. Petersburg are brothers and Hines’ paternal grandchildren. They are Lakewood High School alumni and recently graduated from Western Kentucky.

Currently, Bar’ee Boyd is at the mini training camp for our home team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while his brother Xavius has traveled to Baltimore to train with the Ravens.

Hailing from Ft. Lauderdale are their cousins the Dixon twins, Brandon and Brian. Both are alumnus of Coconut Creek High School and will graduate from Northwest Missouri State University. While Brian trains for his prospective position with the New Orleans Saints, his brother Brandon was drafted by the New York Jets during the 2014 NFL draft.

Interestingly enough, both sets of brothers are documented as playing the same positions. The Boyd brothers are line backers, while the Dixon brothers play defensive back. All four of these young men have been blessed with the skill and favorable circumstances to excel on the field and off. As descendants of the Emanuel James ancestry, the family has always been proud people and this story is just another reason among many to exude that family pride.

Hines believes that in God, all things are possible. Make no mistake about it, the family will continue to support and embrace these young men even if they are not appointed to an NFL team roster, but needless to say their hopes and prayers are geared toward their perseverance and success during this time of their lives.

I am pleased to share this blessing and wonderful example of family and community engagement. May the blessings of God continue to rain down upon the Hines family.

Grandparents Isaac and Faye Hines attend Faith Memorial Missionary Church with other family members.

Pastor Rainey

Pastor Rainey

Pastor Rainey serves as Community Outreach Pastor for the Faith Memorial MB Church, Rev. Dr. Bragg L. Turner, Senior Pastor.  He also serves as president of the Parent Support For Education Council, Inc., and chairman of JWB South County Community Council. He may be contacted: mrainey390@verizon.net or (727) 420-1326.
The Parent Council meets every third Thursday of each month @ 6:30 p.m., Faith Memorial Missionary Baptist 1800 18th Ave. S., St. Petersburg, at the (Resource Center), to the far right and adjacent to the Church. The community is welcome.

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