Who needs the KKK when we have thug passion? Part 1

Dear Editor,

In New Orleans two young black men, who both happened to be fathers and football players, ran into each other. They both had nice expensive cars; in fact, one had just recently won a seven-figure lawsuit. After this chance encounter, one would be dead and the other would be charged with second-degree murder.

Road rage is but one of the horrid ingredients in this saga boiling over with layers of anger and genocide. Who needs the KKK when young blacks have thug passion and slave mentalities?

Day after day and week after week, a generation is slowly being devoured in a cesspool of violence and self-hatred. Do you care?

Maybe there isn’t a lot that anyone can do other than duck when you hear guns click, but do you care?

Will Smith, New Orleans Saints defensive star, (not the actor), was shot six times after getting out of his car to confront semi pro and former high school star Cardale Hayes. It is not certain whether Hayes knew exactly whom he had hit when his Hummer ran into Smith’s Mercedes.

Two black men of means who turned a fender bender into a tragedy.

Smith was a New York born 35-year-old husband and father with a college football championship and a Super Bowl ring. He then responded and got shot after he and his wife were rammed from the back. Smith died behind the wheel with his foot out of the car trying to protect his wife.

Smith and Hayes were two big, strong black men with guns and angry tempers. They both exchanged heated words. Hayes pulled out his gun. Smith was killed and his wife was wounded. His children are without a father.

Twenty-eight-year-old Hayes waited until the police came and was taken to jail and charged with second-degree murder. His child is now without a father just as he was when his father was killed by the police for not dropping a pocketknife.

In 2005, at least four New Orleans policemen could not disarm a 38-year-old man with a pocketknife even though they had him surrounded. There were several feet between them and the “deranged” black man who was moving away from them. That man was Hayes’ father.

In London last year, policeman took down a machete-welding terrorist with nothing more than bobby sticks.

Hayes recently won his lawsuit against the city of New Orleans for the wrongful death of his father.

I told you before; this story has many levels of craziness.

Smith had just left dinner with a former Saint teammate and a policeman who had been involved in the aforementioned wrongful death suit.

Yet some say Hayes didn’t know that it was Smith he rammed in the back. Hayes’ passenger is trying to say Hayes then feared for his life and that is why he shot Smith several times in the back and shot his wife in the leg twice.

Of course the murder of a NFL player is bad enough; however, it gets worst. Arizona Cardinals star Tyrann Mathieu, better known as the “Honey Badger,” is a New Orleans native. Mathieu tweeted his sympathy and prayers for both Smith and Hayes. He also gave some very troubling insight into the life and culture of the streets in New Orleans. The Honey Badger spoke his truth and promptly received death threats for speaking out.

Some of Hayes’ friends didn’t appreciate him being called a coward for settling his argument with a gun. I guess Mathieu broke the snitch code that includes criticizing naked crab genocide.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler and current ESPN spokesman Ryan Clark backed him up with his comments. Clark also grew up in New Orleans.

The Honey Badger said he knew Hayes as a fellow high school stand out in football. He called him a bully and a thug from back when they were young. He said he had several encounters with Hayes, and was sure he knew the popular Saints star that had help bring a championship to hurricane ravaged New Orleans.

Mathieu and Clark both said they were not surprised at how the murder went down because that is just the way it is now on the streets.  Smith was a successful black man who had gotten too close to a player hater. Crabs pulling others back into the pot.

You bump into someone, they get mad and shoot. According to Clark and Mathieu, many times these lovers of thug passion don’t say anything. If they got “beef” with you they just shoot.

Murderers and their victims come in all ages in New Orleans these days. They are not famous enough to make the nation news, some 14 and 15 years old.

The street code is so tough; Mathieu said when he goes home to visit, he’ll only stay two days at most. He said the city is so small that everyone knows everyone and if someone has a problem with you they will find you quick and easy.

Part of the code is to get recognition any way you can—by selling drugs or becoming a murderer—and they don’t care who you are or what you have accomplished. They will just murder you and brag to their friends about it.

Thug life: we brag about it, sing about it; glorify it in movies and in music. We are losing a generation of children because of it. Mathieu said even rap superstar Lil’ Wayne seldom comes back, and not because he doesn’t care. Thug life might make good money but it is dangerous to one’s health.

The black KKK, not white hoods and burning crosses, but black hoods and hot lead; pictures of John Gotti and Scarface not Malcolm or Martin; people getting shot outside of barbershops or in their homes from stray bullets.

It is bad enough the law doesn’t always protect us. Must we further multiply this madness by not demanding that black lives matter to young black people as well?

Stop the slave-minded fulfillment of Willie Lynch’s theory so many hundreds of years ago; stop lying and hiding behind the Second Amendment. A well-armed militia does not mean over armed nuts with short tempers and high-powered   mass weapons of community destruction.

If we don’t learn how to resolve disagreements more peacefully, there may be no one to teach anything too.

Too many Will Smiths and Cardale Hayes horror stories all over this country. Unless life in the Wild West or the mid-east is heaven on earth to you, you should care.

– Rivers Cleveland

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