Zeta Amicae Seeking New Members


ST. PETERSBURG — Following their September meeting, members of the Zeta Amicae Auxiliary have spent numerous hours talking to other women who might have an interest in being involved in activities that will provide services that benefit local communities.

An adult auxiliary of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Zeta Amicae were organized nationally in 1948.  They are a group of women from 18 to 80 who work along with the members of post-college chapters of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority to serve their community.

The St. Petersburg chapter has been organized more than 45 year.  This is not just a social group (though social activities are included).  Indeed, it is an intensely dedicated group of women who follow an organized plan through which they work with the local Zetas to fulfill national projects that make life better for many who are experiencing extreme challenges with health crises and daily life issues.

The local chapter of Zeta Amicae meets monthly to plan and prepare for the community projects in which they will be engaged. Members meet other days within the month to make, pack, collect or shop for whatever they need to implement those plans and to successfully complete community service projects they have chosen.

After the preparation, these caring ladies disperse into pairs or small groups and go to homes or health facilities where those who need them are located.  The group’s president, Jo Lampley, spoke of the satisfaction she feels when she completes any activity, any day she has the opportunity to do something for someone, old or young.

“It is an awesome feeling when we go to visit, provide information, can write a letter or make a telephone call that relieves anxiety or makes someone feel better.  I thank the Lord that he has made my life comfortable and I thank Him for letting me share that comfort with others,” said Lampley.

This season’s projects mirror those of the Zetas as both groups are presently involved in projects that include the elderly, active veterans and spending time with the children and families at the Ronald McDonald House.

These projects are on going year after year, but there are varied special projects that call for time and resources within specific months such as the prematurity campaign and walk by the March of Dimes, the Cancer Walk for Life, the Heart Association’s Activities and the voter registration activities.

Working with the youth as tutors and mentors requires regularly scheduled time also, depending on the needs of south St. Petersburg’s children.

Want to know more about the Zeta Amicae?  Are you interested in becoming a member?  Just call (727) 327-9269, and ask to speak to Jo Lampley, or call (727) 510-3214, and ask for Lisa Wilson, Zeta Amicae Advisor.

The most important requirements for membership include good character, the ability to be a role model for children, honesty, dependability, the desire to help others and time to prepare and complete community projects.

The Zeta Amicae Auxiliary is waiting for you.  Why not give them a call today?  The community needs your commitment and service.

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