23 Years for Sister Hughes at WRXB

For the past 22 years Sister Dianne Hughes has been celebrating her anniversary of being an on-air radio personality at WRXB Praise 1590. This year, however, the celebration was different.

Not only did she celebrate another year of being on the radio, she was also celebrating life.

During the holiday season, traffic is always at its worst. Last December was no different. The entire staff of WRXB was involved in a serious car accident on I-4 while driving to a Christmas dinner. From the station manager to the radio personalities that you have come to know and love, the whole radio station could have been lost if not for the grace of God.

“God brought us out,” said Sister Hughes at her January 5th anniversary party at Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church where Pastor Clark Hazley presides. This anniversary extravaganza was spearheaded by Brother Michael Walker, who she calls her spiritual son, friend and colleague.

“During the accident I found myself on the floor and I grabbed a hold of Brother Walker’s leg and I held on to him,” she said laughingly.

Sister Hughes thanked the community for their donations, cards, phone calls and hugs and kisses and also the committee members Brother Walker, Chairman, Sister Thelma Ferguson, CoChair, Sister Marsha Tarver, secretary, Sister Peggy Wells, Sister Yolanda McCloud, Sister La Gloria Johnson, Sister Betty Davis, Sister Thelma Burns and Rev. Fleming Taver, advisor.

The night was filled with music as the many choirs’ sounds reverberated off the walls of the church. The host church, Mt. Pilgrim, First Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, St. James Unity Choir, St. John of Clearwater, soloist Debra Thomas, Queen Street Church of God in Christ, St. James Missionary Baptist Church, the group Chosen and Fifth Avenue Church of Christ all performed two selections.

The room was full of love and praise for Hughes as she proudly said, “I love what I do. I work seven days a week and this is my heart working at WRXB.  It gives me joy and peace while I’m at work at the station,”

Congratulations on 23 wonderful years as a fixture on the Tampa Bay gospel scene. We look forward to many more years with you in our lives.

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