A big win for the Deuces

Friday Deuces St. Petersburg, featuredDear Editor:

The struggle for economic revitalization in the historic Deuces Live, St. Petersburg, just achieved a big win late September at city council.

Resolution 2016-432 to begin a process for study and public input into improvements to 22nd Street South infrastructure was passed by city council Sept. The process ensures at least two public forums, and is designed to give every member of the community a voice.

Specifically, through this city-funded study, our community now begins a process to define together how the Deuces will look: This visioning with the community includes a professionally-managed process to define architectural guidelines, street design features, lighting, zoning, safety, and pedestrian-friendly measures, and more.

This will serve as a roadmap for our future, so it is important that everyone with a passion on the topic participates.

Our Deuces Live mission guides our concerns and consists of two key goals:

1) Economic revitalization, and

2) Preservation of our unique cultural heritage.

The Deuces Live is confident that the result of the six-month study will further the key goals of our mission and highlight the key features and improvements that we will then recommend to the city council to prioritize and implement.

Had this resolution been passed 14 months ago, it would’ve had a direct impact on what happened with Commerce Park (and it still may). That’s why it’s imperative that we have a comprehensive vision in place as soon as possible to guide the future of the street in a way that’s consistent with what the community desires, in keeping with our rich heritage. The Deuces Live’s heritage and mission is too important to not be a guiding factor in all-new developments on the street.

This community needs to move forward. Now is a great opportunity for us to do so together. As per the resolution, this study begins within 30 days and I invite everyone to join with us in a positive, open-minded, welcoming process to move the community as a whole forward.

We must put away our unproductive differences and welcome a new day for the Deuces as a unified community.

Chuck Egerter
President, The Deuces Live, www.deuceslive.org

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