An open letter to our community leaders and elected officials

As this unprecedented election begins, we are concerned about signs that there may be attempts to thwart or interfere in the democratic process, for which so many have sacrificed their lives.

We are asking that you publicly commit to ensuring that all eligible voters have an opportunity to have our votes counted. As we choose the voting option best suited to our needs, we want to be assured that none of us meet barriers or intimidation that might prevent us from exercising our civic responsibility.

If there is any difficulty in the process of vote counting, we want to be reassured that there will be no rush to declare the results before the lawful process is completed.

We also need to know that there is a plan in place to guarantee our safety and right to peacefully assemble and be heard if there is an interruption or dispute regarding the transition of power in our national government.

St. Petersburg Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends

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