Elect Dan Helm for Supervisor of Elections

Dear Editor:

It’s time to vote — as if our lives depend on it — because they do! Our vote is our voice and one place to use it to speak up and demand voting changes by electing a new Pinellas Supervisor of Elections: Dan Helm. Check him out at VoteDanHelm.com.

We can do something about these long lines where we have to wait hours to vote, a puny five early voting places (Pinellas should have at least 15 to 20; Tampa has 24, for example!), inconvenient locations, refusal to utilize free, protected places with ample parking like the 86 acres at Tropicana Field in St. Pete, etc.

We can vote for a new Supervisor of Elections; we can elect Dan Helm.

Recently, President Harry Harvey of the St. Petersburg NAACP released its Pinellas candidates’ grades at its recent candidates’ forum. Focusing just on the Supervisor of Elections position, Democrat Dan Helm was graded a solid positive “B.” His opponent, Republican Julie Marcus, appointed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to be the Pinellas Acting Supervisor of Elections, was graded a failing, disappointing “F.”

So do we want a continuing failure or a positive change? Please vote and share with your neighbors and family the positive choice: Vote Dan Helm for Supervisor of Elections.

Eddie Pringle

Semper Fidelis

P.S. I’ve known Dan Helm for 20 years or more, ever since he was in high school in south St. Pete.

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