Angela Fletcher-Mavros’ ‘Passion’

Angela Fletcher-Mavros has been a key player in the Tampa Bay hair scene for decades. From being a stylist in her mother’s home salon to holding sold out hair and fashion shows at the Coliseum, she’s definitely in the top five of the who’s who in hair in the bay area.

Her latest endeavor has encompassed her whole career. From her innate showmanship to her knowledge about hair loss, it has all been leading up to her latest passion—the stage.

The PassionFletcher-Mavros has written, directed and produced a play entitled “The Passion.” Just in time for the Easter holiday, she is excited to bring her version of the last days of Jesus Christ’s life to the stage.

Not your average hairstylist, Fletcher-Mavros obtained a degree in public relations thinking she would find her fortune in corporate America. After running into nepotism and the cut-throat nature of the corporate world, she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a cosmetologist.

After her theatrical hair designs had her mother’s home based business bursting at the seams, Fletcher-Mavros got her own shop. Soon she received a call from the entertainment coordinator of the Florida Classic. They asked her to put together a fashion show for the entertainment portion of this yearly event.

For years she put on the fashion show for the Florida Classic until they moved from Tampa to Orlando. Since it costs so much to take her show on the road, she decided to move her drama filled theatrical fashion show to the downtown Hilton.

Fletcher-Mavros’ shows were the talk of the town. From Bengal tigers walking the runway to python snakes wrapped around models, it is no wonder she had to rent the Coliseum to hold her fans.

She then set her sights on hair loss and became a hair loss replacement specialist. She wanted to help those who were suffering from hair loss live better lives.

With all of the theatrics in her background, bringing her brand of entertainment to the theater seemed like a natural progression for Fletcher-Mavros. And the public will be able to see her at work when she debuts her play next week.

Not only did she write, produce and direct her first effort, she also made the hair for her leading actor, J.C. McClendon, who is totally bald. She created all aspects of his hair from the mustache and beard, to the lace-front wig on his head.

When Fletcher-Mavros’ needed help pulling the show together, she knew the right people to go to. She conveyed her thoughts on what the costumes should look like to Sharon Jenkins and Gwendolyn Nolton, and they brought her vision to life. Janice Starling, Patrice Moore and LaShawn Wilson will astound you with their makeup techniques.

She promises that “The Passion” will transcend time and leave viewers captivated and glued to their seats.

There was such a buzz around town that she knew she needed more than one night to honor our Lord and Savior, so the public will get several chances to view it. Showings will be April 16-18 at Victory Christian Center Church, located at 3012 18th Ave. S., St. Petersburg. The play will start at 7 p.m. and there will be a matinee at 3 p.m. on April 19.

For groups of 25 or more we can reserve seating and parking. For more information please call 727-403-8111.

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