Back-to-school tips for Pinellas County families

Does the school district have your up-to-date contact information?

Pinellas County Schools needs accurate contact information to call and email parents with information about:

  • Emergencies, health updates or severe weather
  • School or district events
  • Special application opportunities

To update your phone and email address:

  1. Visit and log in with your parent username and password. If you do not have a parent ID or forgot yours, you can get help by contacting the Student Assignment office or any public school. Make sure to present a valid photo ID.
  2. Select the option: “Change Phone and Email Address Only”
  3. Enter your child’s name and date of birth or student ID number, and update your phone number and email address.

Remember: Updating the emergency contact card or clinic card at your child’s school does not update your contact information in the system used for automated phone calls and emails.

Text message notifications

Pinellas uses School Messenger text messages to share critical updates and emergency information. Employees, parents and guardians of students who attend Pinellas County Schools can opt in to receive text messages by sending “Y” or “Yes” to the number 67587.

If you opted in before, you don’t need to do it again. Please note: The mobile number used to opt in must already be on file with the school district. Learn more at

Have you moved?

If you have recently moved and your child previously attended a district school, please make sure Pinellas County Schools has your current address. Log into the district’s Student Reservation System at using your PCS parent username and password.

If you don’t have an account or forgot your login information, you can get help by contacting the Student Assignment office or any public school.

Follow the prompts to change your address. Your child may be assigned to a different school based on your new address. However, parents can elect to have their children remain at the same school for the 2020-2021 school year if they provide transportation themselves. Contact Student Assignment at 727-588-6210 if you have any questions.

Bus information

If your child is currently registered and eligible to ride a bus, you should receive a postcard with your child’s bus information by early August. If you did not receive a postcard or if you have additional transportation questions, please call the Transportation Call Center at 727-587-2020.

Bus notification system

The Bus Bulletin notification system notifies parents, students and schools when there are bus delays, substitute drivers or bus changes. If you would like to receive instant notifications when something is affecting your child’s bus, please register with Bus Bulletin.

You can choose how you want to be notified: text messages, phones calls, and/or emails. For more information, or to sign up, visit If you need help with registration, call Pinellas County Schools Transportation Department at 727-587-2020.

Please note: this system is not related to Pinellas County Schools emergency text message communications through School Messenger.

New students

If you are new to the school district or have a child entering school for the first time and you have questions about the registration process, please visit There are three key steps to register your child for school:

Step 1: Find your Zoned School:

Before you begin the registration process, it is important to know your child’s zoned school. It is the best place to go if you need to register your child for school. To find your child’s zoned school, visit You will find a link to the district’s School Zone Locator. Enter your house number and the first few characters of your street. The locator will find your complete address and show you your zoned school.

Step 2: Reserve a seat:

Visit the Student Reservation System at to reserve a seat in your child’s zoned school. You can reserve a seat using any computer, including ones in school offices. To use the system, you will need a parent username and password, which can be acquired by visiting any district school with valid ID. If you already have a parent account for another child, you do not have to obtain a new one.

Step 3: Register:

The final step is to visit your child’s assigned school with your valid ID and required documents. Required documents include a birth certificate, Florida Certificate of Immunization, physical examination certificate, and two documents that prove where you live. You can find more information, plus details about all required documents, at

Visit the Pinellas County Schools website

One of the best places for back-to-school information is the Pinellas County Schools website,

The Student Assignment Office is available to assist families

District offices are open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday. The Student Assignment office is in the Pinellas County Schools Administration Building at 301 Fourth St. SW in Largo. Families can contact the Student Assignment office at or 727-588-6210.

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